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    I just perused Ebay, put John Edward in as the search word, and 67 items came up. A few interesting things including a promotional ad for sale. It was also interesting that there’s been 20 bids on 2 tickets for St. Louis and the bids are up to $310 for them!

    I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of both his 2 latest books, tracking Amazon’s shipment of Crossing Over…… should be here tomorrow I hope. And I got What if God were the Sun used by another seller on Amazon. Can’t wait for that either.

    Pam B

    That’s great – I’m always an advocate of saving money. But just a word to the wise on eBay stuff –

    I peruse every once in a while, and I’m always dismayed to see the number of people who will bid higher for a JE tape or book, then they even sell it on Amazon.

    If anyone is considering buying JE stuff on eBay, please do yourself a favor and check the Amazon prices first. I heard that has good prices too.

    Not as a commercial or anything, because I of course want everyone to get the best price they can, but if you’re going to buy through Amazon anyway, I would ask you to consider using the
    links at our website.

    It helps defray the cost of webhosting, domain fees, and the cost of this board software…..which are starting to get pretty steep, now that our traffic is increasing so much. Thanks!


    I too noticed the price of the tickets. Outrageous, but I guess if you really want to go. … I’m going to the Wichita seminar and am really glad I ordered my tickets early. Its sold out now. I did notice that the Wichita tickets on there weren’t going for near as much.
    You have to be really careful with purchases on the auction site. I’ve been taken, thankfully for only $15.00.


    Yes you both are right. I know what you both are saying. Mainly I just go there because it’s interesting to see what people are parting with and how much other people will pay for things. I absolutely love Amazon, especially that one click ordering (used way to often from this computer! :user:

    Buyer always beware, good point. Pam, do you alone foot the bill for this site? If so, do you accept donations?

    Pam B

    ummm…i hate this conversation ;) It’s just that I feel so…awkward talking about it.

    I am so touched that you even ask.

    So far, my husband has been a real sweetheart about letting me have this “hobby”. It’s less expensive so far, than scuba and stained glass, but more expensive than cross stitch ;)

    Yes, so far, I have paid for the hosting, etc etc, but the Amazon affiliate fees I get once every 3 months have helped to defray those costs.

    Since we installed this board however, the topic of “bandwidth” usage has been a serious conversation in the Moderator’s forum. Last month I had to pay extra fees because our volume has tripled in less than a month.

    We’re putting our heads together to do what we can technologically, to reduce the “bandwidth” needs, so that the costs will remain the same. At some point we may have to take away some graphics, or avatars, or get “otherwise creative” to keep this thing going.

    Thank you VT, you’re a doll to be thinking of us :)


    I’m glad this topic came up. I’ve often wondered just how
    aware the members are of all the sweat, time, tears and money
    Pam puts into this board. I guess that why when some skeptic
    shows up to complain about her rules and restrictions, and im-
    plies that her running a tight ship is tantamount to takings away
    their right to free speech, I almost bite through my lip.
    We are truely lucky people. I feel privledged to have access to
    a site that I can also view as friends and family. I often wonder
    what I did before uncovering this jewel. It goes deeper than now
    having others to talk JE talk. Much deeper. And I will forever be
    grateful for Pam opening a new chapter in my life.



    I, too, have wondered how all this manages to stay afloat and work so well at the same time. Kudos to you, Pam, and to all the moderators who offer their time and expertise.

    Julie said: “I often wonder what I did before uncovering this jewel. “

    In my case, Julie, I think it was called laundry, cooking, cleaning, and shopping!!


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