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    I was curious if anyone has any experience with EFT( Emotional Freedom Techniques) Does it work, not work, any opinions? I am interested in finding out more information if anyone has any personal experience with it.

    Thanks! :love:


    Hi Lori :wave:

    I don’t know a lot about EFT but I know of it through Cheryl Richardson. I have heard her talk about it and she even demonstrated it with us in a workshop. It’s also known as “tapping”. You basically tap repeatedly on different areas of body and repeat positive affirmations while doing so.

    My thoughts? I believe it can be very powerful and effective. It can bring up a lot of issues though and I personally would be hesitant about getting into things that would be best handled by a trained therapist or mental health professional. If you are trying it for yourself, that’s one thing. But if you were going to do EFT with other people that you don’t know well, I’d be cautious.

    Hope that helps.


    Beth;134489 wrote:
    If you are trying it for yourself, that’s one thing. But if you were going to do EFT with other people that you don’t know well, I’d be cautious.

    I was just curious for myself. Someone at church had mentioned it and said that it can help with all kinds of different things including weight loss so my interest was piqued. :) What about trying it on your own? Any thoughts?


    Hi Lori – I did a very little bit of training in it, & saw that it could be effective. I have been totally overloaded, and couldn’t get into it (specifically I needed to rewire my scrambled brain to think about how to do it). Normally it is very easy, but my memory bank was broken into & someone stole this feeble memory! :banana:

    I would look online if I were you, and I am sure that you could even do it yourself with what you find online. There were several free sits as I recall.


    I’ve done a little bit with it, then gotten sidetracked for one reason or another (life just keeps on happening, y’know?). I’ve also done the tapping as just rubbing or touching the points especially when out in public; it’s not as noticeable that way. I haven’t done enough to be able to tell if there’s any major difference in results or not. Novice or no, I did see results, if that helps.

    I ordered two of the CD sets (this was a few years ago) and he gives permission to copy up to 100 copies of each CD. I need to get more blank CDs, but give me a holler if you think you might be interested in copies of what I have. It’s the Manual, an “audio,” the “The Basic Recipe” Parts 1 and 2, some “case histories” – about 15 CDs, actually.

    The manual is also available on the website, I believe.

    I first became interested because of back pain, and I did see some good results. I didn’t get deep enough into it to approach any “hidden emotional stuff,” sooo, I can’t really speak on that…

    The hardest part for me is/was that I was doing it all on my own, no one nearby (that I knew of, anyway) to learn with, to help get over the initial “am I doing this right” kind of thing. Kind of silly, but there it is.

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