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    Pam, Something curious is happening when I log on or visit the page. It says I’m coming from Saint Louis, Missouri, not Sault Sainte Marie, MI. I’ve checked the times and it’s definately me that it’s logging.

    If I still beleived in such things, I’d say it’s a sign as that’s where Brian went to Basic training just months before He completed suicide. He was stationed at Fort Leonardwood Missouri.

    Anyway, I thought you should know the feed is reading wrong.



    Okaaaaaaaaaay. Feed’s not reading wrong for me … it says I’m coming from Ithaca, NY and so I am. And I see that Paula is coming from Cottage Grove, WI …


    It is also reading correctly for friends visiting from the Suicide survivors group, even those not logging on. I’ve seen two from the UK visiting and their locations are also correct.

    I just thought it was worth mentioning. I believe the error may have something to do with the word “Saint” as this is the only commonality between Saint Louis and Sault Sainte Marie.

    I tested that it was reading *me* by testing links that enter this site. It is certainly possible it’s someone else, but then where am I listed? I’ve logged on several times from separate links and now it’s not refreshing my location or showing me entering.

    I have no idea what this could be.


    It definitely thinks I’m coming from Missouri –

    Saint Louis, Missouri left via from “Friends Communities Home Page”
    09:25:52 — 1 minute ago Saint Louis, Missouri arrived from on “Friends Communities Home Page”.
    09:14:06 — 13 minutes ago Saint Louis, Missouri arrived on “Friends Communities Home Page”.
    09:09:10 — 18 minutes ago Ithaca, New York arrived from on “Friends Communities Home Page”.
    09:02:55 — 24 minutes ago Ithaca, New York arrived from on “Friends Communities Home Page”.
    07:52:04 — 1 hour 35 mins ago

    I left via the FJ feed and came back, both show up.

    I have moved this thread to the public forum so that anyone coming here from Missouri can shed some light on this event, although I am positive that it is reading MY entry by dates and times.


    It’s reading right for me too.


    Well another thing that is reading strangely for me is the Welcome Message:

    Welcome, PsyQuestor.
    You last visited: 15 Hours Ago at 06:22 PM
    Private Messages: Unread 0, Total 8.

    So I assume if I check, fifteen hours ago I’m listed as Sault Sainte Marie and now I’m Saint Louis Missouri.

    Just random postings as I try to figure this out.


    My entry is wrong too. It’s saying that I’m coming from Akron, OH, where everyone knows by now I’m in Erie, PA.

    The only explanation I have is that my internet comes from Time Warner which is stationed in yes, you guessed it…Akron, OH.


    Yeah but Akron is only 140 miles from Erie, and there’s about 615 miles and the states of Indiana and Illinois between Sault Ste Marie, MI and St. Louis, Mo. It would be weird to have an internet service provider that far away … although I suppose it could happen.


    My internet provider is local here in the Sault. Also it has always said “Sault Sainte Marie” until last night.

    Thank you for posting –

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