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    Pam B

    This was on the Today Show this morning and I thought it important enough to capture and post here.

    This is a perfect example of a “psychic” scam. To the layperson she may seem to be an authentic psychic at first, but as you’ll see by watching, she’s no psychic, she’s a con-artist.

    Watch below, Windows Media format, about 7 minutes long:


    :eek: How incredibly sad.:(


    Wow – what a shame and a crime as far as I am concerned. But what about the other side of the story they aren’t telling? There are a lot of psychics who do not do that and who work to truly help people.

    But I think it is a service to at least get the message out concerning the scam artists. I know I tell friends to not be suckered in by anyone who tells them they have to pay more b/c ‘time ran out’ or ‘a curse needs removed’. I suppose it is all eduation.

    I am sorry though that they didn’t balance that piece little with the other type of psychics. There are unskilled & manipulative/abusive people in every profession. Very sad.


    Wow! Thanks for posting this, Pam. It is so sad that there are people out there preying on the grief of others. :(

    Unfortunately, this media coverage is how all psychics get a bad rep. However, if it makes people more aware of the con artists out there, then it’s worth getting the message out.


    She was so blatantly a fraud, it’s heartbreaking anyone would be fooled by her.:(


    You can see what she is. But it is true that when you have a person that has a loss and you are looking for comfort these people prey on that feeling.
    But I do think that piece should not have been one sided like it was.


    Thanks for posting this Pam, I had wanted to see this earlier today but I had to run to work.

    I agree, its too bad that they didn’t give too much balance to it.

    Pam B

    I understand everyone’s feeling of wanting more balance to it, but I think that would be missing the point. Then they’d have to show the fundamentalist religious point of view too, and the skeptic’s point of view etc etc etc ad nauseum.

    I posted it here because the assumption is, if you’re a member of this group, you already believe real psychic ability is possible, just like the victim in this story already believed. It’s important for us to stay balanced too, in the real world, and to be aware that scams do exist.

    The point of the piece was not to prove or disprove psychic ability, it was to show that there are scam artists out there. Just like there are scam artists who use real estate, stocks, or even medical services, as their ruse, it does not mean all real estate agents, stock brokers or doctors are phonies.

    Who better to get the word out about scams like this, then us, who have the ear of the people who might be potential victims?


    That was extremely hard to watch. The scariest part is that there are people in this world who are so grief-stricken that they would pay ridiculous amounts of money to people like this woman. I wonder how this woman sleeps at night. :(


    I would think that someone like that woman sleeps fine because it was clear that she had no problem ripping someone off.


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