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    Shuffle a deck so that some of the cards are reversed, and deal out five, seven or nine cards; starting at the right and working towards the left. The middle card always counts as two points and the others as one point each. If the majority are upright, the answer is yes; vise versa means no. If the total points for yes and no are equal, then the cards are refusing to give a definite answer.


    1-2) What happened in the past.
    …3) What is happening now.
    4-5) What may happen in the future.

    This is the expanded version of the same spread i posted. This reading goes more in depth with the question, but gives a yes / no answer in a similar manner. I hope you find this helpful :)


    aaack! Information overload! :D Think I’ll stick with the simplified Yes/No Spread… :o


    It’s actually pretty simple, perhaps my explanation wasn’t good enough.

    After randomly shuffling the deck, some cards up and some down, you lay out your spread.

    Upright card = yes
    Down = No

    The card postion: Cards count for one point except for the middle card. The middle card counts as two points.

    Let’s do an example:

    First row of cards is for the past – lay them out right to left.

    1st card: Down. 2nd card: Up. 3rd card: Down

    1st = no 2nd = YES 3rd = no — Two for yes and two for no.

    equal or no answer

    Let’s try again:

    1st card: Up 2nd card: UP 3rd card: Down — yes / YES / no – the answer is yes. (three yes, one no).

    I hope this was easier to understand.

    No need to know the meaning of the cards for this one. As students learn they’ll add those meanings in later.


    Pam B

    I getcha! I’m going to try it. You don’t even need to use a tarot deck, you can use a playing card deck to do that tone.

    I do the 13 card yes/no version, where you shuffle as usual and deal 13 cards. If one of the cards is an ace, the answer is yes (and vice versa.) The other 12 (for yes, 13 for no) cards will describe WHY the answer is yes or no.



    Very cool! I’ll have to try it … Thanks m’friends!

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