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    What do you have a fear of ? The name of my phobia is called “cynophobia” which is a fear of dogs. I don’t feel comfortable around animals at all. The name of that phobia is called ” zoophobia” but I have to say I don’t like dogs. It’s not way they look because some dogs do look cute it’s about walking some where and getting attack by a dog. :tsktsk:

    Take care

    Jennifer :hearts:


    I have a fear of bees. I don’t know what it’s called, but the “sit still and they won’t bother you” thing just doesn’t work for me. I’m swatting and running away.



    Is your fear related to all animals, but primarily dogs? I have a friend who is also cynophobic (I wasn’t familiar with the term until reading your post), and he is generally uncomfortable around most animals.

    Do you know what caused your fear? In my friends case he was delivering newspapers on his bike when he was about 10 years old, and was attacted by a large dog. His injuries weren’t serious, but he has remained frightened of all dogs, regardless of size.

    I have read the theory that understanding how the phobia started is necessary to rid yourself of the fear, though I don’t know how factual the theory is.

    Mine is spiders. Any type, any size. Even seeing a photo causes an unpleasant physical response; rapid heart-beat, sweating, etc. Seeing a real one – even if confined – results in a panic attack. My sons still tease me about times I woke them up to get rid of a spider on the wall “the size of a hubcap”. To my sons perspective they were “the size of a dime”.



    I am *terrified* of snakes. The way the move makes me crazy. My fear stems from an incident when I was about 4. My grandma was deathly afraid of snakes and one day she and I stepped into her back yard, and there was a good size snake slithering by. She totally screamed and yelled and completely lost it. Her reaction scared me to death! I’ve been horrified ever since. That was a good lesson to me as a mom: Never, ever let your kids see you lose it and never, ever act afraid of something because they will be afraid too. Both my kids love snakes and I have numerous pictures of them at various zoos and animal parks with boas draped around their necks! Of course I was not the photographer!!:laff2:


    My phobia is actually of being alone in the pitch black dark.

    Not just the lights going out at night, but of utter pitch black where you are alone and can’t even see your own hand in front of your face…

    Mine I know stems from when I was a small child and was stuck in my bedroom (my parents had a baby lock on the door as I’d get up and down several times before falling asleep) – This particular night, I remember wanting to get out of my room because I was terrified that there was someone else in the room with me, watching me and it freaked me out, and when I couldn’t get out, I started screaming. Of course my parents came rushing to see what the trouble was, but since then I’ve never been able to rest in pitch black and that was over 25 years ago). (Incidentally when the lights came on there was “no one there” of course.)


    Huh. I know I posted a reply to this thread but it’s no longer here. Was there some kind of problem? Also, on the front page it says there are 6 replies to this thread but when I click on it, only 3 show up. :hmm: :hmm:


    Kim, with your newest post, I see 8 replies on here.

    Pam B

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