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    I know I haven’t been on here in a while but want your input…I posted in the “Prayer” forum about an aquaintence “Pete” is missing. I for the most part haven’t seen him in quite a while but just the thought of that big smile he used to greet you with at the bowling alley has been on my mind….Where he disappeared is a few miles up the river from where he worked with hubby. I have this ” pulling” in my chest like I want to go down to the river.Even if it is just to say a prayer for his safe return…Has anyone had this type of “feeling” before ? I pray that he just decided to take a walk and needed some “space” but ……



    Yes, I have had those tugs before. I tend to follow them but depending on what it is, I sometimes take someone with me just in case I need support as I go to where I am drawn. Usually the place I am drawn to is just a place where I can really contmeplate the ‘draw’ and pray for the situation.

    I haven’t been on the board for a week or so so I missed your post about Pete. Looks like your tug was a message to prepare you. Sorry that you have to say goodbye to Pete this way. Prayers ascending for Pete and all who love him.

    Bright Blessings

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