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    I spoke to my son Monday evening. He said that he had never felt so much energy at one time in his life.

    Even Gary said that his entire right side tingled.

    Gary’s wife was brought to tears as she meditated and then looked up she said the entire room was filled with angels. That had never happened to her before.

    I told Bill what we had experienced during our time – and by the way – he began just a little bit after 8 p.m. (central) the same time we did.

    He told me that the energy was extremely intense for about 20 -25 minutes and then it all went away. That was just about the same amount of time we all spent.

    Gary said he slept very well Sunday night and felt really good on Monday. Bill asked him if he had any kidney problems and he said not that he knew of. His speech was not as slurred and his head felt real good. Michelle said she was amazed at how good he felt. Both Gary and Michelle were very touched by what we wanted to do for him and said to thank each of you.

    Gary will be going through 4 more chemotherapy I.V. sessions before he goes back to the doctor for another MRI.

    I think I covered everything – this is the third time I have typed this…I am visualizing that it WILL complete:D

    Thanks to each of you once again. Hugs, Ellen


    Hi Ellen,

    Thank you so much for the feedback, it just strengthens us all the more.

    Don’t worry aboutthe kidney stuff, that energy went to on of the group. For some reason the last couple of weeks each of us in the session has been given back energy. Talk about a benefit.

    I’m glad Gary session was a success.



    Hi Ellen,

    You might suggest that Gary find a Reiki practitioner to work with him after his chemo treatments. Reiki can cut down on the side effects and pain, and a lot of other things too.



    How great is that? What wonderful feedback for all of you who participate in focused energy! Bless you all!


    Feedback is the best gift you can give someone who trying to help. It encourages others to continue helping and do even more. Feedback is extremely valuable.

    Keep the feedback coming!!


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