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    Possible name for group….Focused Energy Group (any other ideas)

    People gathering to share focused energy with others who are in need.

    * Focused Energy work is free.

    * Querant must be a member of the Friends board.

    * Querant needs to be present during for their query.
    * Type of request(physical,emotional,spiritual) we don’t need all the details.

    * Must have permission to focus energy on a person. If you are asking for someone else, you MUST have their permission.

    * No outside discussion, for privacy concerns.

    * Program should not be longer than 30 minutes.

    * Anyone is welcome to participate. No special classes required, just a sincere desire to help another person.


    *When and how often to meet.

    *Feedback of some kind–a thumbs up or something in 10 words or less.


    There are no guarantees as to an outcome of the focused energy.


    Count me in! Time? I think Sundays at 9:30 pm EDT would work. Frequency? Weekly?


    I could do every other week Sunday if it’s at 930pm.

    Clarify for me what “no outside discussion” means? If someone posted for prayers etc does that count? I just don’t understand what that means or what the rationale is, so could someone clarify that for me?



    It’s kind of a privacy thing. Someone may not post asking for prayers, and choose to ask for prayers here, which means it’s not really up for general discussion.

    If they choose to post and ask, there is no problem. But I do consider anything happening in the (Focus Group) to be left there. I don’t have a problem with discussion during the group as long as it benefits the querier.

    Some people are more privacy oriented than others. If they know that it goes no further than the chat room they may be more comfortable with asking. You never know what will come your way.

    My experience: I think sometimes the clerks at a library know there is a divorce looming before the other spouse, I hate checking out DIvorce for Dummies books, and How to Save a Relationship, or Kids Handling Divorce. Just checking it out makes me feel like a spy. And then I say a prayer for the family.

    I hope that item in the guidelines did not offend. That was not the purpose, actually just the opposite. To make others more comfortable about using the group.



    :musicnote Thank you….I actually was taking it the OTHER way…meaning the person asking shouldn’t be talking about it or posting or something. That’s why it didn’t make sense to me….because I don’t make sense! I was thinking it had something to do with the “energy” or something I don’t know yet. I understand now. THANKS!:D

    I’ll go ahead and post again here to request focused energy on AMSTEL. My newly adopted cat with the inability to breathe through whatever disorder she is having in her head. (She is not asthmatic, had all but 3 teeth removed and had massive infection throughout her sinuses. Over 1.5 months she had 1 month of antibiotic and remains on steroids to decrease the inflammation to allow her to breathe. But she remains with a wheeze sound from her head because she won’t open her mouth to breathe. She becomes labored and activity isn’t what it could be and what she seems to want to do because she is restricted. She came from an abusive home – for how long I’m not sure. But I am told she has wheezed this awful wheeze all her life – and nobody took her to a vet.)



    We need to get Amstel in too. This thread got so buried I had to really search for it. Hopefully it will stay higher on the list.

    Will send Amstel reiki tonight when I go to bed.



    I have made arrangements with Fairiedust for this coming Sunday, the 8th at 8 p.m. (Central time).

    The issue is my lower back. Everyone has my permission.


    You can put Mike on again too when ever is convenient. Thanks


    Everyone is on the list. I will post it as soon as i can.



    Hi everyone,

    Right now we have:

    Amstel (cute furball)

    Ellen is set for 8p.m. on Sunday. Amstel also.

    Have to think about how to do multiples.
    Didn’t expect to have 3 all at once so soon.



    Anyone wanting to join the Focused Energy group please drop by on Sunday, Oct. 8 at 8 p.m.

    It is well worth your time. Several people left posts wanting to help. Now’s the time.




    Is that 8 pm Central? (We should just call it Friends time, since Illinois seems to be the capital of the Friends universe..:D )

    How are we doing this? In chat? I would love to join in if I can make it.


    Hi Zelda,

    Yes, we do it in chat in the spiritual room, so we are out of the way, so to speak.

    Illinois central sounds good to me! Those silly Illinois people!

    We would love to have you join us.

    This is short notice, but I’d like to see if we could manage another one for Mike on Monday evening at 8. We’ll have to see how many can make it.



    :hearts: Yes, Amstell is a cute fureball!! Gotta say :dance: how cool it is !!

    but um…..Bea did you forget our little tarot group?

    Just teasing you….I’ll be there, we can do some focused energy for whomever needs it and maybe a little tarot after?

    Amstell, like I posted elsewhere, is actually bouncy and doing better this week. Decreased her meds even and there was NO reason for this. She has been feeling better I’d say since Wed? And is steadily running around the house more like a normal cat with MINIMAL wheezing and having to catch her breath to go up the steps etc.

    (Hmmm…just noticed…I don’t know how to spell her name! Amstel, Amstell? I think I like the second one! I tried to call her Stell to get rid of that DUMB name when I got her but she doesn’t answer to it!)


    Well, Pam,

    I didn’t forget. I was just hoping to squeeze in it. but that is no longer necessary. Tarot night it is. Sounds a lot like bingo night. It’s kinda fun when a new person drops in.

    See ya a little bit.


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