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    Can’t remember which thread we were talking about this on, but I wanted to let you know that last night, sent me an email to confirm that they have dispatched Crossing Over to me yesterday by First Class Royal Mail, so I guess I should be getting it either today or tomorrow! I think you should log on and order it straight away! (especially as its about a fiver cheaper than it will be in the shops). The other thing is , you don’t have to pay by credit card online, you can order it and send them a cheque or, send them your debit card details by post, which is good. They’re also a trusty name, I’ve ordered from them before and although I was complaining its been two weeks yesterday, it really isn’t that long now that I know they’ve shipped it specially from the US (wonder whether that means I will get the US version or the UK one, as there’s two….)


    Originally posted by jess
    Can’t remember which thread we were talking about this on, but I wanted to let you know that last night, sent me an email…

    :tech: Just wanted to jump in and point out our handy [img]images/top_search.gif[/img] button up top. It works really great when you’ve got something unique to look for like “”.
    Sorry for the rude interruption… I’ll now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


    jess…good news. already got ours this mornings post, we ordered it a few weeks ago and i got an email last night saying they had sent it first class by royal mail…so we waited patiently this morning for ours..and it came….yipeeeeeeeeeee

    dancing round the bedroom like its christmas already…

    tracy:jumper: :jumper: :jumper:


    In that case, mine must have arrived today! Yippee!

    :jumper: :jumper:

    But… I leave before the postman arrives…..same for tomorrow…. which means I’ll have to go and collect it from the Post Office on Saturday…..:grrr: :grrr:


    leave him a message on a card or envelope, can he not leave it any where for u? our postman did, hes got to know us, so if were out, he will leave it somewhere he knows we can get to it.

    give it a try.


    dawn sadler

    we bumped into our posty this morning taking the kids to school, we nearly took all his gear off him just to have the books, unfortunatly he had left them in his other bag and would post them later.
    so me like a mad woman possesed, on my bike jess, like the old woman from the wizard of oz, remember when she has got toto, in the basket and is riding like mad to get away, that was me on my bike trying to get home so fast, my legs were killing me.
    did yours arrive?
    im already two chapters in.:jumper: :jumper: :jumper:


    Hi Ladies,

    I know that Harry Potters’ version is different that the U.S. material, but is Crossing Over different too.

    Just as aside the U.K. Harry Potter copies will probably be worth a good chunk of money some day.

    I like all the Wizard of Oz action too. What we all do for JE!

    P.S. What’s a fiver?

    dawn sadler

    the UK! copies of johns books look exact to me, iv’e seen pics of your copies and ours looks identicle.
    when we opened ours today ,like titch said there were loads of ooohs and ahhhhs just like christmas morning, there really worth every penny.
    a fiver, is £5, just to let you know!


    Thanks for the new vocabulary.

    What I meant about the books is that the Harry Potter books were written by a British author, and of course uses your lingo.

    The editors in the U.S. do an editing job on it so it is Americanized, language-wise.

    So, your books in the original text should be worth more. Sounds strange to change the written word. We’re supposed to be exploring.

    So, do you think your “Crossing Over” is the exact same as ours?

    What kind of wine are you all imbibing this weekend?

    dawn sadler

    myself and titch got our copies from amazon uk, they got them from the U.S. so ours should be the same as yours.
    What kind of wine? well ANY, no just kidding hopefully white.


    I GOT MY BOOK! It fitted through the letterbox, wah-hey!

    There are two different copies of Crossing Over, one US, one UK or at least there are two planned, I think the US one is probably the only one published so far, although if you go to WHSmiths webpage it suggests that both editions are for sale. But I know mine (also from Amazon) is definately a US version because it has all their publishers/printers details, the price in dollars in the inside cover, etc etc.

    I reckon the language will still say the same, at least I think it did with One Last Time, but I have a feeling the UK versions won’t have the Appreciation Pin offer in the back! It will be interesting to see!

    I can’t believe Harry Potter is americanised! I can’t even think what can be americanised about it because the whole book is hardly English anyway, we had enough trouble trying to understand it!

    Here’s an interesting thought – all films (movies!) are released in US first before they come over here, but with Harry Potter being an English story, filmed mostly in England with English actors, but, I suspect, made by an American Film company – who will get it first…..hmmmm…..the race is on……. I know its released here in November…..

    dawn sadler

    glad to here you got your copy hun, enjoy.


    Would be fair and square. November here too.

    That makes me feel better if you had a little trouble too. I don’t think the editing helped one bit.

    We don’t want any bullets flying over that there big pond over Harry Potter, do we now. The American Revolution revisited via Harry Potter?

    Well, have a glass of wine for each of us and then let us know how ya feel.

    dawn sadler

    have a glass of wine for each of you..i have a hang over just thinking about that one.

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