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    Pam B

    January 19, 2008
    Candidate X wins precinct tie with queen of hearts
    Posted: 07:47 PM ET

    (CNN) – You know you’re in Vegas when victory at a caucus precinct comes in the form of a card draw.

    On Saturday, Candidate X won the caucus at Mojave High School in North Las Vegas when one of her supporters pulled out the queen of hearts — besting the 10 of spades for Candidate Y.

    Tom Komenda, a Candidate X supporter, told CNN there was an even number of supporters for the two candidates — 48 each. But the caucus had five delegates, so they couldn’t be split evenly.

    How to break the tie? A good old fashioned card draw.

    Komenda — who sent CNN the story via I-Report — said a sealed deck was unwrapped. But as the shuffling started, he was concerned that the shuffler might have been shuffling in a way that exposed the faces of the cards to some of the nervous onlookers.

    “I said, ‘Wait wait wait — if we have to do this idiotic thing with cards, we’re going to shuffle them the way they’re supposed to be shuffled,'” he told CNN, laughing. “Then they said, ‘If you want to shuffle, come down here and shuffle. So I went down and shuffled!”

    Komenda says an Candidate Y supporter drew first, and up came the ten of spades. Next, a Candidate X supporter drew, and a queen of hearts decided the tie-breaker in favor of Candidate Y So the final delegate count was two delegates for Candidate Y, and three for Candidate X.

    It all ended, he said, in “cheers from one side of the room, groans and boos from the other.”

    Those cheering ended up rewarding Komenda — he was chosen to be one of the delegates for Candidate X.

    I saw this on the news this morning and I couldn’t help but start applying Tarot theory to the meaning of the cards. In the Rider Waite deck, the Queen of Hearts is the Queen of Cups and the 10 of spades is the Ten of Swords.

    Would any tarot enthusiasts care to comment on the future of each candidate based on the corresponding cards pulled for each? Just for fun, not meant to be a political debate :dance::hearts:

    (I replaced the actual names with “Candidate X” and “Y” so we can attempt to keep this to the cards themselves. If you care, and are resourceful enough, you can Google, or if you watch CNN regularly, you figure out the story and figure out which is which, but I thought it might be educational and fun to do it just based on the cards themselves.)


    Oh, Pam, you know I couldn’t resist chiming in on this thread, lol…:lwink:

    I chose not to Google the info and have not really been following the elections. That being said, here’s what I came up with:

    The Candidate X who drew the Queen of Cups (Hearts) and won the draw is probably very intuitive and has learned over time to trust their instincts, honoring what they feel to be right and bending an ear to listen to the people. The keyword here is caring…this candidate cares deeply about the issues and feels very connected to the community pulse. A possible downside to this candidate’s holding office could be a tendency of becoming overly emotional and irrational, choosing feelings over facts in their decisions.

    As for Candidate Y and the Ten of Swords (Spades)… there seems to be some karma going on there. I feel that they probably weren’t prepared to hold office for a variety of reasons. The ten in any suit carries the energy of moving on with experience to begin a whole new cycle, so this leads me to believe that this is not the last we will see of this candidate. This card also indicates being hopeful despite incredibly undesirable circumstances which have usually been brought upon us by our own actions. I believe they will do their homework and come back to run for office in future elections.

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