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    Things have been quiet on the board lately so I thought I’d share this personal story.

    My friend Matt and I met a year and a half ago when he came to work for my company. I had decided to step down in order to get a break from the grueling thankless job of being a manager. Thankfully they allowed Matt to replace me for a short time until he was given a store of his own.

    In the meantime we became good friends. I introduced him to metaphysics and we had many long discussions about religion vs. metaphysics with me mostly talking about spirituality and him going on about religion. It got kinda heated sometimes.

    The strange thing is that even though he is very religious and wants to poo poo metaphysics he is very psychic. He has told me many many stories from his childhood were he had dreams that came true or out of body experiences and an almost telepathic way of communicating with his brother.

    After getting to know me, he told me about a dream where he and I had gone to Lilydale and got kicked out by these strange beings. But the dream was before he had even met me.

    Let me point out that at the time when he had the dream he was living in Ohio and he and a friend had traveled somewhere close to Lilydale and they were thinking of going but something had happened and it didn’t work out.

    He said, ” I was dreaming me and this little girl were walking down a street in Lilydale and we were looking at the buildings and pointing at certain things when these strange beings surrounded us and told us we had to leave.” He said that it was very vivid and that it stayed with him for a long time. He then said that when he first saw me he had to do a double take because he was like, “OMG! That’s her!”

    I should also point out he calls all women little girls and at first I thought he was kiding but he was absolultely insistant that it was true.

    But, I’m guessing that the real reason I believe him is because (and I didn’t know this at the time) we had also worked for the same company before.

    Apparently, he had moved down here from Ohio to follow his partner. He left his house, job and friends to be with this person. The company we had worked for is based in Ohio but has thousands of stores all over the eastern part of the US.

    I worked at one of the stores in SC while he worked in the help desk department in Ohio. I have since left that company back in 1999 but when he told me where he had worked before I was like, ” Holy S, I remember your voice. I used to call that freakin Help Desk all the time because our computers used to crash every damn day!”

    Then I said that the reason I remembered him is because he was so damn laid back and mellow that I wanted to strangle him. He thought that was hilarious.

    So, there it is.
    He had a dream about me before he met me while living in Ohio and I knew his voice from the Help Desk because I kept having to call from South Carolina.

    Somehow out of all the places to go he ended up in Charleston, SC and what’s even cooler he ended up working for the same company and then out of all the stores we have he ended up working in mine for a few months.

    His relationship broke up and he has since moved back to Ohio but we still call each other and keep in touch. He says that there was a reason that he met me and that I’ve changed the way he thinks about certain things and that he’s glad we’re friends.

    He’s also invited me to Ohio and says it’s only a four hour drive to Lilydale and that one day we should go. He says we can only stay a few hours because you know we’re gonna be kicked out.:D


    Whoa. Now, if that’s not synchronicity, I don’t know what is — talk about the “stars aligning”! ;) Obviously, you two were meant to walk the same path at some point in time. It’ll be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

    Thanks for sharing, Jenny! :hearts:


    Speaking of stars aligning…

    He and I are both Scorpio risers and he is a Libra sun in the 11th house and has three more planets in Libra in the 11th house. I also have three planets in Libra in the 11th house. Different planets though.

    I guess we’ve had past lives together or karma or something.:hmm:

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