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    How many times have you been at a party and
    you don’t say anything during a group discussion for fear of what the others might think of you? Or perhaps you feel that you have nothing important
    to add. Do you worry you’re not educated enough
    to fit in some social circles?

    Equally, you worry about what people will think if you wear a certain outfit that perhaps stands out in a crowd. This form of negative thinking creates worry about what others think about you, and it stifles creativity as well as your personal expression. It can prevent you from having fun or even going to the places you like most.

    We’ve all been guilty of this at some time or another, and I really believe we spend more time worrying about what others may think of us. Just remember that they’re probably just as worried about what we think of them! People are far too involved in their own lives to devote a lot of time
    to what is going on in yours.

    Have you noticed that at certain times, when you’re about to take on a new project or an endeavor, there’s always someone there to put you down, laugh, or tell you that you’ll never do it. Why think negative about it yourself when there are plenty of people to do it for you?

    When you exert energy trying to live up to the expectations of others (I am not talking about your responsibilities to your family, or close friends, or work) and you don’t meet those expectations, you become their slave. Don’t be concerned too much about what other people think, after all it’s your life and you should be only concerned about what and how you think, or how well you treat yourself. People will always have an opinion, but it’s their opinion, not yours. The only person who really knows you – is you.

    John’s Lesson:

    Steps to breaking free of the
    “what people think” syndrome:

    Have trust and faith in yourself.
    It’s your opinion that matters.

    Meditate and visualize a healthy
    self-image of yourself.

    Work on your self-esteem and confidence.
    The more you do this, the more self-confident
    and powerful you’ll become.

    Surround yourself with friends who aren’t always watching and talking about everyone else. Remember they will often have just as many
    hang-ups as you, or in some cases even more!

    Don’t let others set the pace – it’s your life.
    Live your life and let others live theirs.

    If you are attending a function and meeting new people, say the affirmation: “Wherever I go there will be friends there.” This affirmation really relieves a lot of stress or tension when meeting
    new people. Acknowledge that there are plenty
    of people who will accept you just as you are.

    Pay someone a compliment and make them
    feel good, in turn maybe they’ll take on the
    same practice in their life.

    Live a Soul-Filled Life!


    Wise words! I’m sure we all go through this, from time to time. Thanks for posting, Jeannie! :hearts:

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