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    You know I’ve re-read this thread and I still come to the same conclusion and that is that the forum guidelines are what I based my opinions on:

    The purpose of this folder is to close the gap of understanding between those who do believe, and those who don’t.

    No one is here to be converted.

    This is not a debate, this is respectful discussion.

    This is not a forum for non believers to come and simply state
    their own beliefs.

    Gold Dragon, if I seemed too abrupt in my response, I’m sorry. It appears to me that many JREF people are coming here to engage us in this conversation/debate just to go back to their site and report on how closed minded we are when we ask them to leave. Most of the time this debate is not started with the attempt to close the gap of understanding, rather it is to show us “the error of our ways”. In the last day or two I visited the JREF site and as I read the threads some of the people posted that their intent was to come here to “save us” or to just plain irritate us in order to get kicked out and then lo and behold, here they are. We have no way of knowing if you are sincere in your initial posts or not because so many of the Randi people started off just like you and then turned on us. I can think of two just in the last couple of days. Normally I just let it slide off my back, but yesterday I just got sick of it and wanted to post my opinion. If I have lumped you in the wrong category in error, then please stay. We have had at least one respectful skeptic here in the past and would welcome another. But, if your intent is to flame or attack, then my original statement holds….please don’t bother.


    No offense taken – I’ve just been a) extremely busy the past few days, and b) trying to decide if I do have a point, or a reason. I must admit, I’m still not entirely certain about b. :)

    I’d planned a response, but in actuality, I think perhaps I should ask offlist. Pam, is there a way to reach you by email? (or will I find it 5 seconds after sending this, and feel like a dork for asking?)

    Any way it turns out, y’all have fun. :)


    Pam B

    Yes, you can reach me by clicking on the ’email’ button at the bottom of my post. :) Thank you.


    I’m new here, and don’t have the benefit of context for all this, but I personally found the general responses to Asa and GD a little on the defensive side.

    I’m a skeptic, myself…but I’ve been heartily convinced by the evidence I’ve been studying over the past year. Just because someone has seen a few episodes of CO and isn’t swayed doesn’t make them a close-minded cynic, IMO. I wasn’t totally convinced by CO either…there are too many ways to fake things on TV.

    As Sgrendard is very adept at pointing out, the scientific evidence is there…we don’t have to respond as though the phenomena can’t take criticism. There certainly will be cynics who won’t be prepared to consider any evidence at all, and they should be booted. But Asa and GD (IMHO) seemed to be the very kind of ‘skeptics’ this forum seems designed to respond to.

    Just my two cents! :)

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