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    Has anyone received a special GOLD ANGEL coin as an ADC?
    My friend received, or shall I say FOUND, a special coin, that we believe my dh *sent* her.

    I am not sure if I am allowed to post of picture of it, but it is GOLD, very SHINY on one side and has a ANGEL or maube JESUS standing on CLOUDS with his arms out. It is the same on the other side, It has NO writing, no dates, just the ANGEL.

    I am thinking it is a guardian angel coin. She also foudn 2 DIMES when she was scanning the gold coin for me.

    My friend thinks my dh is trying to draw me to her home state, which is about 2000 miles, away. :laff2:

    Would love ot hear if anyone else has rec’d this type of coin.

    ms Beaudy

    I cant wait to hear replys on this one. I keep finding pennies from my Hus that passed on Jan 7-02. Today I found two when we stoped to buy gas on the way to Doctors Ofs. My friend and I were taking an elderly couple because they cant drive and he had major surgery. We took them to dinner and made the 200 mile trip and would not take any money for it. I feel like he was leting me know that he was along…


    The topic of “finding coins” comes up now and again and is kind of cool, but have not heard of “Angel Coins”.

    My skeptical nature would probably have me pretty suspicious at finding anything I couldn’t readily associate with someone who had crossed over. If dear ol’ dad was a stamp collector, let’s say, and I happened upon a rare stamp in my house, it would definitely give me pause, since I don’t collect stamps. If I found some other trinket, even if it were something spiritual, but I couldn’t associate with dad, I’d probably not give it a second thought.

    My guess is that there must be something about this coin that has made you associate it with your husband, in which case I think you’ve got every reason to be excited.


    I wish I could see the link of the picture, of this coin. It was such a spiritual coin.
    Well, it looked like a coin, although you can;t spend it. LOL.

    Pam B

    It sounds like a religious medal of some kind. Yes, if you want to scan it or photograph it and upload it or attach it, that is definitely allowed.

    I have to agree with Don on this one. Unless your husband collected medals or coins of this type, or had some previous association with the item, I would appreciate it for what it was, but not connect it necessarily to a loved one who passed.

    Combined with the fact that YOU didn’t find it, and someone 2000 miles away did, I would say that your friend might really, really, REALLY want you to visit enough to spin the find into a message from your husband. Now that’s love :) :love:


    Here is the COIN. = )

    My husband did collect coins, but not all the time, but I remember him showing them to me and my daughter (and not that long ago, too) and he also liked to collect religious statues. saint cards, etc, which this seems to be. If I was to guess what this token or coin is, it woud be a GUARDIAN ANGEL coin. It just NOW occurred to me, that my FRIEND who found this coin, is my daughter GUARDIAN…Now, THAT is diffinently a CONNECTION, right> LOL

    I can tell one thing….if my husband had FOUND this coin, that somehow our best friend has received….he would LOVE it and show it off.


    Pam B

    What’s on the other side of the coin? :)


    Same ANGEL, just a little dirtier. LOL.

    ms Beaudy

    That coin is beautiful and would be so precious to be. I have all the pennies and some other coins that I have found since my hus passed. I feel good everytime anyone with me even finds one. Usually they give it to me. I put in in a piece of paper and write the date and were we were that day, then wrap it in scotch tape and put it in my pitcher. I have a big tea pitcher and its about half full. I had thought I would get them out and read the messages if I were feeling down, but I never have yet. I think my guides always help me to stay uplifted….


    What a LOVELY story. = )


    I find this interesting because since Dion died I too have found a lot of coins, notthing spectactular as an Angel coin I am unfamiliar with that but I will tell you this

    I took a trip to Port Augusta just before christmas last year, we always stop off at the crash site but this time we planted a native tree. anyways when we got to port Augusta we went to check out Big W department store there, and in the car park I pulled into a bay but just before I did I saw Heck a $20 note Now I don’t know who here has seen an Australian $20 note but it is an orange gold colour. I pulled into the bay and picked it up.

    The kids thought of that as a thankyou. from Dion


    I recently found a coin im ny house that sounds exactly as described it is
    gold with no wording just a picture of a angel on one side and on the other as well
    Does anyone know what these are? I have no idea where it came from and am very curious about it.


    There are a lot of angle coins. Old silver dollars and foreign coins with angels on them. There are also a lot of different coins or charms usually made of pewter (but are also made of copper, brass and other metals) that have guardian angels on them. When I took the ReikiIII class my Reiki Master gave me one.

    Here is a legend about angel coins (this website was selling angel coins so who knows if they made it up or it is a bonified legend)

    The Lucky Angel Coin Legend

    Legend has it that anyone who owns an Angel Coin is promised love, money, and happiness. The original “Angel Coin” was minted by Augustine Dupre, a nobleman who was commissioned by King Louis XVI in 1792 to design the new monetary currency for France. A firm believer in the power of guardian angels, Dupre incorporated this theme into his design using a mold of unknown material created by an alchemist known only as Lestat.

    Years later, when Dupre fell out of favor with the King and was condemned to death, legend has it that he was saved from the guillotine when the Coin he carried as a talisman reflected the sunlight in his jail cell so brilliantly one day that the guard on duty broke into tears at the sight, unlocked the cell door, and let Dupre make his escape.

    From that moment on, Dupre’s creation became known as the “Angel Coin”. He considered it a blessing for his life-long belief in angels. The next 200 years are filled with wondrous stories attributed to this talisman, including many claims of lives saved. Fisherman never went to sea without them. Most French pilots during WWI always packed one in their kits. Even Napolean carried the “Angel Coin” in his vest pocket (until one evening in 1815 on the verge of a great battle in Belgium, he arrogantly flung the coin into a nearby river which, not too coincidently, marked the starting point of his tragic demise).

    In fact, the power of these coins was considered so great that Hermann Goering, the engineer of Hitler’s evil vision, ordered his soldiers to round up all they could find which he then had buried in a secret location that’s never been uncovered. Goering’s obsession with good and evil was fanatical, and it’s well documented that he devoted a great deal of Germany’s resources to his futile search for another source of power –the Holy Grail.

    More common, though, are the claims of ordinary people, whose lonely or troubled and often desperate lives have been re-made by the “Angel Coin” talisman. Skeptics call these remarkable transformations “coincidences”. Believers call them “rewards for faith”.

    Based on exact specifications of the original “Angel Coins”, the current re-minted supply includes a melting of many of the same ingredients as found in the few remaining originals. Each “Angel Coin” made today includes a portion of the same characteristics as the original “Angel Coins.”

    I am sure that there is more information about angel coins out there. Maybe someone else has heard other stories. ?????


    I feel very blessed that my dad who died four years ago keeps bringing me presents! I have found six gold two sided angel coins that I know are from my dad. The first time I found them (two of them) was at our cabin in Lake Tahoe. I came back in the house and there on the living room rug were two of the most beautiful angel coins. I had never seen them and either had my mom. Over the course of the next 3 years I have found four more of the exact same coins. How they have gotten to me I have no idea. I have talked to my priest and he has no answers. It seems that everytime I am with my mom or in a difficult situation they show up. The third coin was found the night we came back from picking up my 15 year old son at the airport. He was on a high school wrestling trip and had torn his meniscus and needed srugery. When we got back home the same gold angel coin was sitting on my son’s desk. The most recent coin number six was found yesterday at my parents home. A friend’s nephew was in a horrific ski accident and may be paralized. I was looking for some holy water from Lourdes of Fatima in my moms nightstand. I found the holy water and went looking for more in my dad’s nightstand. As I was looking under all his holy cards there was another gold angel coin. Can anyone explain this to me? I feel so blessed but it is scary!!


    I found the same coin. My son, who is 28, has found 8 of them! Mine came at a low point in my life and I feel it was delivered to me from my Guardian Angel to let me know everything would be alright and it did turn out to be alright.
    My son suffers from anxiety and depression. He seems to get them when he is really down and they help him to know everthing will be alright and just like my experience, he is doing really well and his future looks bright.
    I have tried reseraching them and have found the English and French “Angel” coins, but they are not the same ones. I even saw some web sites that advertised selling them so I went and checked them out, but all of them said they were sold out.
    Strange, but in a good way. I keep mine with me and it beleive it is not merely a good luck token, but a sign from my Lord.

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