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    Hi I am an alternative historian, freelance law of evidence researcher, and seeker of spiritual truth
    I am submitting this post because my fiancee came home last evening and handed me a gold colored coin with a lovely female Angel engraved on both sides. Earlier in the day he had been telling me about a break in to a quarter machine in the laundry room of a building he does plumbing for owned by my Mother.

    The people who had serviced the machine had given her some story about the use of magnets to raid the machine of it’s quarters. He had tried to explain to her that the company was not being truthful about the way the machine had been raided because as he demonstrated to me magnets don’t stick to coins. However she wouldn’t listen. At the time he seemed strangely overwrought about the situation. This wasn’t really like him and more like how I’ve been coping with things lately.

    As a totally caring and protective individual his sense of justice compelled him to go check out the machine himself. He is a gentle soul that attracts animals and little old ladies. He has been suffering from debilitating RA that is the most painful situation I have encountered yet he rarely complains or loses his smile. It has gotten so much worse in the last months that he walks with a limp that just breaks my heart.

    I have spent the last year researching all I could for the causes and cures of Rheumatoid autoimmune diseases and have found out that it can be cured with a number of different therapies. However they must be dealt with holistically and treatment must include diet and lifestyle change and must specifically address what are co infections as well as what amounts to breaking through the thuggish behavior of all involved in mainstream alloipathic “western medicine”.

    That includes the coercive cover up by the medical establishment and their associated agencies. There is evidence in the alternative health info of the implementation of a devastating, ongoing, and hidden assault on the health of both humans and the planet. Americans have been especially traumatized by pollution like GMOs and Fluoridated water and weaponized germs that have been introduced covertly and through many pathways including vaccines to make the people guinea pigs for the military and multinational corporations. All have been forbidden by the majority of countries in the world.

    Because the economy created by the need to protect ones self from the pollution, supplements for tainted and destroyed food sources and addressing the symptoms of chronic disease, chronic health care has become the most lucrative business in the world. Therefore the suppression of information, tests and protocols that actually work vs the lies that these diseases are incurable continues apace.

    The costs and everything involved with the pain of getting better is slow going and frustrating especially for him. Needless to say the heartbreak I feel at the plights of many that I love who suffer from debilitating autoimmune diseases wars with a disturbing new perception. This perception is one of an ongoing and devastating betrayal of the public trust from the early days of the country that I am now experiencing first hand which creates an outrage so deep that I feel ashamed of my anger and of the tears and off color language I have been using to express my feelings.

    While my loved one ran his errand to check out the evidence of theft in the laundry room he left me fuming over so many things that come to the fore every day because the war on people’s health by the powers that be in this country is so devastating to the souls of those fighting to get well and those who love them.

    After he had limped out the door the tears began to flow as they have so many times lately. Then I said a prayer. ” Dear God right now I know my anger likely makes me unfit to communicate and I’m so afraid that it hurts his chances of getting better by letting in negative thought forms so I am blessing them as best I can and saying that I love him with all of my heart! I also ask and intend that he will get his autoimmune system and health back no matter what.”

    An hour later he came through the door and handed me this coin saying “I found this lieing on the window sill in the laundry room along with two dimes and two 2012 pennies, I hope it will make you feel better.”

    I told him about my prayer that he would start getting better after such a long fight to find out what was going on with his RA. I said the female Angel is a message of “prayer received” and reassurance for me and the coin is a get well talisman for you. First it is as light as aluminum but it is so magnetic that it can hardly be peeled of of a strong magnet, and it is a gorgeous shiny gold with the same lovely female Angel front and back.

    My fiancee is also very intuitive and like he always does when he’s on to a synchronicity he insisted that I get on the internet and look for an engraved angel token plated in gold. He wanted to know more about it and that is what led me to your site.

    If you want to find out about the other side of autoimmune diseases like Lyme, RA, Fibromyalgia, or MS Google “Dr. Garth Nicolson P.H.D., the Institute for Molecular Medicine Huntington Beach California”, Dr Brown discoverer that bacterial infection is a cause or co-factor in Reumetic diseases “the way” or Google Dr Bob Beck’s protocol for the treatment of all allegedly incurable diseases. I hope this Angel is a blessing for all who need healing and truth. Raingel


    Raingel–I was surfing the net for any info on a double-sided gold (plated, I believe) female angel coin (standing on clouds and with rays emanating from behind her, with a halo over her head,and her right hand slightly pointing downward. Beautiful gold coin, no words etc. Then I was linked to your description of a similar coin. Is the description exactly the same as yours(you didn’t give the same details) ? I recently went through a soul-trying time and have been praying fervently for support/guidance. I found this coin in my change compartment of my car…no one has been in my car to have placed this (to my knowledge). How it made me feel to see it was an absolute affirmation of heavenly guidance/ response to my prayers. How strange and lovely…be interested to see if there are more out there having the same experience. Blessings-Haidalove


    Thank you for your message about the Angel coin that my better half found and gifted me with.
    The coin is the same as the one you found as you have described her twin female angels front and back, a holographic image that follows the pattern of the Universe. I have been researching the reality of Angels in the lives of the human race and I’m writing a book about it. Because of that there seems to be miraculous forces working to bring messages to us from our loved ones and ancestors from other realities.

    My mate was really fascinated with that coin and it is unique to the folks at this web sight and not for sale anywhere that I know of because I have been checking. I kept telling him it was meant for both of us. However I got the feeling that he really needed me to gift him with one of his own because he kept talking about finding another one. I asked the Great Spirit to help me find another coin like that one. One thing I’ve found that is beautiful about unselfish prayers when they involve giving to others is that they are always answered no matter how unlikely they seem.

    I had that feeling you get when the inner game kicks in and faith becomes a powerful force for effortless synchronicity. Two days later and the very first time I left the house and was doing something out side of my home base I found a coin just like the first one. I realized at one point that what I was doing at the time and where I was might be a great place to find an Angel Coin. At the moment that I had the thought another one appeared under my finger tips. When I gave it to my better half he couldn’t believe it until we had them together side by side.

    Hopefully the Angelic message that he will get well will be strong enough to encourage us with the discipline it takes to create health in our lives. Ultimately taking responsibility for ourselves in all things is the only road to true freedom. What the Angels are here to remind us is that they have faith in our strength because they know something that we have forgotten. The following is s poem that I wrote to help us all remember. I hope it will fly safely on the wings of angels to all who have hearts open to understanding. Blessings R.

    We are all Angels who have forgotten how to fly
    To the seas, trees. blossoms and honey bees to every whale, dolphin and lake.
    Mountains, valleys, and all of the beauty between, in Tera we all have a stake.
    We must replace indifference with kindness, and compassion, must banish hate.

    We should honor our planet with gratitude for her abundance and forgiving grace.
    When we share with others we can find our path & the purpose that shapes our dreams.
    We can create a place of safety from knowing that we are angelic beings.
    By trusting ourselves and our instincts and the voice of the human heart.
    We will finally know who, in fact we are and that we have never been apart.
    We must discern the truth of our heritage, and focus inward when we pray
    Freedom comes through our divine connection to the Creator through our DNA
    United we can stop the forces from where the dark agendas flow.
    Those who worship the unspeakable and deny consciousness to grow.
    As they work to divide and conquer us the stronger we must become.
    As we shine light upon their sabotage and the damage that they have done.
    The dark angels of our nightmares to whom we once have fallen prey,
    Will ultimately fail to destroy our world that they continue to betray
    In service to others instead of service to self we can discern the cause of our fears
    Those who’ve led us away from our purpose & down the path of bloodshed & tears.
    We must repair the wounds of conquest and forgive what all of us have done
    So that we can turn to love and back toward Source and the infinite Law of One
    Even those beings spinning webs of deceit in all that we’ve been told
    Who not only want our planet to trade but our bodies and our souls
    They are in need of our compassion, in forgiveness there is grace.
    Then we can finally break their fearful grip and retrieve our rightful place.
    We must stand each as a sovereign, undivided, fearless and bold
    As we proclaim our freedom & reclaim our right in the creator’s power we hold.
    As the guardians of our planet, and of our cosmic history
    We are all Angels who were meant to fly, joyful, loving and free
    Standing side by side as immortals with newly discovered wings
    We are all one human family and the children of the Ancient’s dreams.


    Ok, a lot of things have been signs and when I asked for a blatten sign…my son just found one of these coins in his stack of quarters behind his bed……

    I guess this is a sign??!!

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