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    I talked about this dream once before.

    I used to have this dream that I didn’t graduate from highschool. I would wake up confused and frustrated until I remembered that I did graduate and I’ve got the diploma to prove it.

    After watching Crossing Over and learning about spirituality I didn’t have the dream anymore. I used to have it a least twice a month.

    Last year I dreamed that I was doing really well in one particular subject. My teachers were going to award me a certificate.

    At the time I was going through a rough period.

    Then about four or five months ago I dreamed that I graduated.

    I think I know what the other dreams mean but what did I graduate from?

    Anybody wanna take a stab at it? I’m open to suggestions.


    Hi Believer:

    My very first thought was that your graduation is maturity.

    Often, as we age, we tend to accept our life lessons a little easier. We have had some experience over time and it comes a little easier to us – hmmm, maybe easier is not the correct word but at least we see things in a different light than before.

    Maybe your graduation dreams are your mind’s way of letting you know that you are doing just fine. That is a good graduation.



    Oh, good call!

    I like that explanation. It makes sense.

    However, I think I’m going to go with the word evolved instead of maturity because I’ve been seeing that word everywhere lately.


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