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    Has anyone ever heard of her? I came across her name when I was looking for articles on psychics and ethics … there’s an article called Hannah=hannaH: Politics, Ethics and Clairvoyance in the work of Hannah Weiner.

    Pam B

    Do you have a link for that article? :) (To answer your question, no, I never heard of her.)


    I do (at least I’m pretty sure I can get it back), but I don’t think I can just give you the link because it’s from a database I have access to because I’m affiliated with the university – so my IP address(es) give me access. I’ll track down and see if I can find the article from an unrestricted site. As nearly as I can tell Hannah Weiner is a poet/writer who claims her writings are words she receives claivoyantly. Her ethical principles insist that anytime her words are published, a statement that the words are clairvoyantly received must also accompany the publication. In the database I was in, it was listed as a 12-part series, but each part was under 3,000 words and it was in just one volume of the publication.

    Pam – I just popped you an e-mail with the first part of the article with copyright info, etc. Maybe you’ll have better luck in tracking it down. The database I got it from was Lexis/Nexis Academic Universe.

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