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    :cake1:Happy Birthday (and lunar eclipse!!!!) Stephanie! May your year be your best ever! :cake1:


    Best of everything to you on your birthday, Stephanie! :wave: May the year ahead be a happy, healthy, and successful one for you!

    :hearts: :dance::hearts::dance::hearts:
    Paula Mae

    :banana::banana: Woooooo Hoooooo :banana::banana: Have a happy birthday!!!

    :hearts:HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE!!!!:hearts:
    :hearts::dance::clap::banana::daisy::banana::clap::dance: :hearts:

    Thank you Friends for the Happy Bday wishes. I’ve become quite the lurker on here.

    I have missed you all as I’m not able to be on the computer as much as I would like anymore. I quit the Housing Authority job that I had which would have guaranteed me a nice pension and medical benefits, in exchange for now being on the management track for Outback Steakhouse. I’ve been with the company now 5.5 years, and for the most part have enjoyed ever part of it. Being on the management track now has me working and training on the positions that I have never worked at before. Today, my birthday, was my first day serving by myself. I’ll never forget it. I have to serve and prove that I’m good enough to become a manager for the next 3 months. Then I can train as bartender and then head server. My immediate goal is to become the training coordinator for my store. However, I do want to become a proprietor someday of an Outback Steakhouse. After training as a bartender and headwait, I get to become a glorified front of the house manager and my title would be KEY. I hope to become a full time front of the manager in the next year and I would be salaried.

    So today was a good day. I made some decent money as I got to play the cards of being my first day as a server, and it was my birthday. Won’t lie, I’m a bit tipsy as it’s 2:50am and I just got home from the bar. All my co workers bought me drinks and shots.

    Personal note to Carolyn: Thank you so much for the Xmas card and the birthday wishes. I haven’t forgotten about you, but hours are so long now, I barely have time to myself or to sleep. (And you know how much I love sleeping.)

    Be well everyone, and I hope to stop in as much as I can to post updates!!

    <3 Stephanie


    Happy Bithday Steph good luck with the job:banana:

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