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    I wanted to post information about Hay House Radio for those who have joined the board recently because of the JH workshop.

    A few times this weekend I was approached by people I didn’t know who asked me about Hay House. (Weird huh? I had to check to make sure I wasn’t wearing a badge!) There is a misconception that Hay House Radio is only available on satellite radio. Not so. You can listen to it right now…24/7! And it is FREE!

    Click on the Listen Live button…Or sign up to access the archives.

    There is something for everyone where ever you may be in your life right now. Here’s a sample:

    John Holland (of course!)
    Collette Baron-Reid…If you like John Holland, you will like Collette. I love listening to her. She has great spirit!
    Cheryl Richardson…Great coaching…author “The Unmistakable Touch of Grace”
    Doreen Virtue…The Angel expert…My kids love her! A grown up who talks about angels and fairies. How cool is that?:love:
    Dawn Breslin…Listen to one of her first shows and hear her story. If it resonates with you, you will definitely enjoy her program. She sounds like a gentle soul and I love her accent!

    There are many more. Take a listen if you haven’t already! :hearts:



    Thanks Laura, i used the link and have listened to Hay House Radio for the first time. I can see it can become a favorite!


    Awesome! :dance:


    Thanks for the link Laura.I went and listen to JH he does have quite the little accent on him eh. great place to get to know him a little better.



    Hi Leigh:wave:

    Accent? I don’t hear an accent…LOL ;)

    Pam B

    I had time to listen to the first half of John Holland’s show today and it was just so nice that even he gets a kick out of a really good validation on a reading. You can hear the excitement in his voice :)

    I didn’t realize there were so many archived shows. Over a year’s worth? Yikes when am I going to have the time to listen to them all….every subject is so interesting!

    Amy Rose

    Thanks Laura!!! I am totally going to download the archive shows and put it on my mp3 player so I can listen to them!!! I look forward to listening to the shows! :)


    Today’s episode of John Holland’s show on Hayhouse is especially excellent! :thumbsup: (10/23/06)
    Its about spirit guides and the importance of staying grounded. Excellent email questions and callers too! Check out the encore today or download it when they upload it to the archives.


    :thumbsup: 2nd thumbs up here….waited up just to listen today!!
    :musicnote Makes it practical how and what to ask of your guides! He is excellent teacher for those of ALL levels (especially me here in diapers:baby: )

    Love the fact he pretty much directs/instructs people to do it themselves.
    First time I have listened to his show (only pieces in the past week of older broadcasts before).

    :hearts: Pam


    After the workshop some of us were having a discussion about JH and guides. The show today answered those questions.


    I loved JH’s show today (even though he didn’t answer my email:(). He said at the end if you like the show, write to his producers and tell them to give him 2 hours. So I think we should all do just that!:clap:

    I couldn’t help but notice how much he really is into teaching us how to do things for ourselves, and not just giving someone a reading.

    He also said that he loved tarot and used to use it in his work. He talked about going through a break-up and always pulling the 3 of Swords (heartbreak, loneliness, and betrayal) for himself because it took him years to deal with the relationship and find closure.

    There is definitely a lot more for all of us to learn from this man and I hope we get to do it again in person!:hearts:

    zelda6;125048 wrote:
    He said at the end if you like the show, write to his producers and tell them to give him 2 hours. So I think we should all do just that!:clap:

    :thumbsup: Absolutely!


    Count me in!:thumbsup:


    Ask and ye shall receive! :thumbsup: Email on the way first thing in the AM!:clap:


    When someone finds out how to write directly to the producers, will you post it please? I’ll do the same. :hearts:

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