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    Healing Your Past Lives — Exploring the Many Lives of the Soul by Roger Woolger, Ph.D.

    A great book that also comes with a CD! A must have, IMO. :)
    Roger Woolger states that: “the best reason to remember most past lives is to forget them, to understand that the past is completely over!”.

    The CD includes five proven regression exercises guided by Dr. Woolger. You will find that his voice is very soothing!

    Enjoy! :)

    Pam B

    Thanks for the recommendation :)

    Can you tell us any more about it? What didn’t you like about it? Was like others you read? How was it different?


    Hello Pam! Thanks for asking! :)

    I really liked the cases Dr. Woolger presented. He gives examples of people who were able to heal and some were even cured after remembering their past lives and learned to let go of feelings of guilt, hate, shame, etc. I found it amazing how our past can affect our present lives.
    The CD has different exercises that are supossed to help you access some memories and even help you release any impressions that were carried over past lives.
    The only thing i had trouble with was using the CD. I used to fall asleep everytime. :D Now i can actually concentrate on what he is saying and empty my mind.

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