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    Hi, My name is Matt and I live in Raleigh NC. For some years now I have been fascinated with John Edward and the thought of communicating with my loved ones that are passed. I wouldn’t say that I am skeptical but more likely afraid if you will. I would love nothing more than to attune my self to being able to get messages or whatever one would like to call it. I would love to have input from anyone that would care to comment. I am very pleased to be included in this forum. Thank you.

    Pam B

    Welcome to our group Matt! I like your open-minded skeptical questioning! Skeptical discussion is welcome here as long as it’s respectful. I feel that it’s very important to question things, and get all sides of the story before deciding what I do and don’t believe.

    There are some processes that you can use, to bring yourself closer to your goal. Nothing is guaranteed of course, as there are so many variables involved in after death communication (ADC).

    Everyone has their own way of approaching it. Some people like me, like to read up on the subject and get every book they can get their hands on. Some people like to hook up with other people off line, and discuss or do exercises.

    Probably the most common thing that people do, (and I suggest for a number of reasons) is to become comfortable meditating on a regular basis. Meditation has a number of benefits including some health benefits that have been proven by medical studies. It also allows you to quiet the mind and the auto pilot voices that say things like “you’re not thin/pretty/rich/young enough…” and “this is crazy you can’t do this.” It allows you to get to your inner soul, and let your higher self take the driver’s seat.

    Aside from that, I also have to encourage people to talk TO their loved ones on the Other Side. Why should they talk to you, if you don’t talk to them on a regular basis? :)

    I’m sure others here can offer lots of other suggestions and encouragement.


    Hi Pam,

    Thanks for your warm welcome. I must state emphatically that I don’t doubt that this is real and I have probably had contact especially with my Dad through smells and just feelings I have had. If the truth be known I think I am more afraid of it than anything else and that perhaps is why I haven’t had more. Who knows but I am so interested to read more accounts and discussion with anyone who would like to comment.

    Thanks again!


    Pam B

    Please talk to me about why you would be afraid? I don’t discount what you feel, as I also had the same feelings when I first became familiar with the subject.

    There are many reasons why we might be afraid, and I’m just wondering what your own thoughts are on this subject?

    For example, some might have fear because of religious upbringing that tells them that it’s “bad” or “evil” to communicate with the dead, when the scriptural source for this idea is actually questionable.

    Others might have some fear because of cultural stereotypes about “ghosts” being some thing that can actually cause us “real” damage (and I can debate that too.)

    What are your thoughts or feelings?


    Hi Matt, and welcome to our humble home!

    It sounds indeed like you’ve already experienced the presence of your dad and (like most everyone here) are want for more. Of course there’s no magic lineman that can hook us up with a direct connection to our loved ones, but “knowing they’re there” is an awesome gift in itself.

    Two things I’d like to throw in with what Pam has said. The first is simply “relax and enjoy”. Be susceptible to the subtle things. The smells you mentioned, are a wonderful example. Most of us are too busy careening through life to notice the gentle nudge of a “hello” by a loved one.

    The second thing I’d suggest is to go to John’s web site and see when he’s doing readings (seminars or workshops) in your area. You needn’t attend an entire multi-day event, but rather, for your first time around, just take in the readings. I think you’ll find that the whole experience is educational and unforgettable.

    This site is filled with testimonials of those who have been read by John and others. Take a look through them, then sit back and bask in the knowledge that you’re dad’s right there with you, trying to figure out how to communicate with you as hard as you’re trying to communicate with him.

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