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    Hello all! I have been Wiccan for about 8 years now. I am a solitary, as there was not much opportunity to join any group where I grew up. Now that I am “grown up” if you will, and am more capable of making my own choices, I have come out of the broom closet. I am now living in a much bigger city and there seems to be more choices for Wiccan fellowship in my community. However, I am a bit nervous about this current endeavor. I have heard that some do not feel that solitaries who have had not teacher are not always considered to be “true” Wiccan. Any advice for seeking out fellow Wiccans in my community is welcome. Thank you, and blessed be!


    Pam B

    HI Breena, welcome, merry meet and all that jazz!

    Not a “true” if that doesn’t just burn my britches, I don’t know what does. Who gets to decide what “true” is anyway? Smacks of fundamentalism to me and who needs fundamentalists of any kind, whether it’s Christian, Muslim, or even New Age?

    ANYWHO, now that I’ve spouted off, and digressed, I’ll come back on topic and suggest which has great “local” resources, where you can find others to meet up with, or correspond with. You’ll see drop down lists where you can choose your geagraphical area. There you can see other profiles where people give a bit about their own background and practice. You can email with others and then plan to meet up if you like.

    Speaking of meeting up, you can also try for your geographical area. I know there are several Wiccan groups in my own geographical area. If you don’t see one already listed, start one with your criteria. Within a few days or weeks others will join your group and you can plan to meet somewhere safe. I started a Metaphysics and Psychic Development group at and within a year, I had about 70 members :)

    Good luck and tell us how it goes!


    Thanks so much. I will look into it. But while we are on the subject something “funny” happened to me today. As I said before I have been thinking about meeting a few like minded people for a while now and finally decided to do something about this..this seemed a good place to start. Recently, a New Age/ Metaphysical shop opened literally right down the street from my house. My husband and I have visited a couple time in the past few weeks since it opened. Well, we stopped by this afternoon to pick up some incense and candles. After purchasing our items and returning to the car I noticed my husband looking rather pale. He said, “Something’s off in there.” I commented that I agreed, the air was very heavy in there. He decided to go back in and make sure that everything was okay. Turns out that the owner’s father had just been diagnosed with cancer and they had been praying intensely about it for the past few days. My husband was feeling physically ill at this point and they asked him to have a seat. We stayed and conversed with these four ladies for almost an hour and they were some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. They also invited us to join them at a local Metaphysical Church this weekend. I have had little interaction with other Pagans and am both excited and very nervous, but I feel very blessed that our paths have crossed. I don’t know that we will be able to attend this weekend due to family obligations, but as soon as we are able I will let you know how it goes. Thank you and blessed be!



    Welcome Breena.

    Bright Blessings


    Hi Breena – glad to have you on board! :wave:


    Hello Breena,
    Wonderful Place youve found here Enjoy!!

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