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    Hi, I’m new to the list but I’m impressed. The Wife and I have been a JE fan for awile. My Wife passed away this last Dec. 23.01 from MM cancer. I was wondering which JE book explanes the pasting to the other side and what being there is like. If it was possable I would like to red in the order of What it is like on the other side , How to connect to the other side, Who JE is and how he has got to where he is. I don’t know if his books break down in subject matter like that or not . Thank You for any help. gregg^j^


    Welcome, Greg! I am very sorry to hear about your wife. John freely says that he doesn’t know what it’s like “over there” because he has never been there. He says he has gotten little glimpses, but no concrete picture.

    Start with “One Last Time”, it gives his back round and how he discovered his abilities. “Crossing Over” is like a continuation of “One Last Time”.

    Farmer Kathy


    Just wanted to welcome you and also so sorry about your wife. I personally liked John’s book One Last Time the best. It explains a lot of how he got started and answered a lot of my own questions. Hoping to get to know you better thru your posting.



    Gregg, welcome to the board. I am truly sorry to hear about your wife. I agree with the others, “One Last Time” is great. I hope you find the peace of mind that you are looking for…everyone here is very kind.


    Pam B

    Welcome to our community gregg – my condolances on the passing of your wife. I’m glad she got to know about John’s work before she crossed.

    I agree, read One Last Time first, and then Crossing Over. If you want to learn to connect on your own, try his 6-tape set, which I highly recommend. We have a study group for those who are using his tapes.

    Welcome :)


    Hi Gregg- extending my welcome to the board- sounds like you’ve received plenty of good advice already- my extra advice is to just take it all in slowly. It’s better to learn the entire process than to jump in everything and get frustrated quickly. So, yes, please do ponder and post here, read One Last Time, maybe try talking to family and friends- just take it at a steady pace, you know? :) Welcome again to the board- Yardbird


    Forgot to tell you- we have Sunday night chats (9PM EST) here- just take the lilnk at the bottom of the page if you’re interested. A simple sign-up and you’re in! No pressure, though- just extending the welcome- Yardbird


    Hi Gregg

    Welcome – hope you enjoy reading JE’s books.

    looking forward to seeing your around the boards.

    Take Care


    Thank You everyone. I will have to start on the books . I going to have to drop into the chats to. Like to lurk more than anything. Slow typer and worst speller. ;-)

    gregg ^j^

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