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    Have you seen the ads for HEROES on NBC?? This looks really cool!!:cool:
    tagline: “Ordinary people discovering extraordinary abilities”
    Premieres TONIGHT Monday Sept 25TH 9pm EST

    Check it out: Go under production notes at the top for the show synopsis…..reminds me of Celestine Prophecy series!! (not exactly but along the same lines!) Watch the VIDEOS too!!
    “Tissue Regeneration, Levitation, Teleportation…is this beyond the realm of possibilities?”



    Some of us have astrology class then:banana: … time to set the recorders!

    Pam B

    Thanks for the reminder — I definately wanted to see this one!


    Hi Everyone,

    I watched “Heroes” tonight and was disappointed. I’m willing to watch in a few more times to see if I change my mind.

    What did you think?



    Hi Katherine!:wave:

    I just watched “Heroes”. I like the themes in the show. It is certainly unlike anything else on TV today. I think it will take a few episodes to tie the main characters together and understand the story lines. Intriguing…although a bit gruesome at times…I’ll keep watching. It repeats again tomorrow night for anyone who missed it or wants to record it.

    Why were you disappointed?:confused:


    Hi there, Zelda:wave:

    Looks like there are at least two night owls on the board:)

    I liked the theme but it seemed contrived. I have mixed feelings.
    Maybe it’s the actors/acting, or maybe I just wasn’t in the mood.
    Who knows? :laff2:

    I won’t write it off just yet.


    Looks like there are at least two night owls on the board:)

    Not really, it’s just that we are further west than most.;)


    Ok, I’ll be the nightowl then. ;)

    I just watched it, and I’m kinda hooked. Though it does remind me of another show that’s in hiatus now…The 4400.

    I first wanted to see the show because of the character that Ali plays (the woman involved with the Mafia who seems to have a split personality). I saw her in the Final Destination movies, and I was impressed with her performance there. Another surprise actor that I almost didn’t recognize is the guy running for Congress who can fly, Adam Pascal. He’s been in another “Supernatural” show as the main character that is escaping my brain at the moment. But I’ll think of it. (It’s Mysterious Ways!!)

    I have to give NBC props though for running Heroes with less commercials. The show seemed to flow better without them. I want to see how the storyline between the daughter and the “evil” father plays out. And yes, it was gruesome, I’ll give it that. But I’m a 20-something who likes this kind of show. There were alot of thought-provoking statements, and I’m sure spirituality will be addressed. I’ll continue to tune in every Monday. Thank goodness for DVRs, because it’s on at the same time that my “Man” soap opera is on…WWE Raw. :redface3:


    I wasn’t impressed at all. Very disappointed.

    I don’t like gore to start with so that turned me off. But more importantly, the guy jumping off the building and the cheerleader’s stupid stunts to test her self-healing theory bugged me b/c I am afraid of copycat tries from vulnerable people. Watch and see I am sure there will be copycats. And then there is the woman selling herself on internet soft porn. Don’t even get me started on that issue :cuss: !

    Call me old-fashioned, but those are not entertaining plotlines or values I think we should be putting out there as good entertainment IMHO. The premise could be so promising. But to each their own I guess. I always have control of my on/off switch. :D

    Right now, I give it a big thumbs down although I would be open to watching another time or two to see if they bring responsibility/consequences into it.

    Pam B

    I missed it last night, but it sounds as if maybe it was a good thing :hmm:


    I also watched it and was not impressed. For a minute there I thought a little porn was going to be shown on the screen. That scene went on too long and wasn’t necessary for the story. None of the characters clicked with me. They showed no personality.

    Maybe once they start concentrating on the characters individually, it will improve. I’ll give it one more chance to see if it improves.


    :hmm: I agree and disagree!

    I am hoping they do more with the story line. I will also watch to see if it really goes anywhere. I still like the premises and maybe it will open more people up to consider the potential and possibilities. I took it as a starter/teaser and the best will be later.

    I was surprised to see the “soft porn” stuff as well, but then this is tv nowadays. As for the other “graphic” stuff, I watch horror films, so it was interesting to see other’s shock and perspective on this. As for people copying these acts…how do you edit all the violence from the world? I guess I see it differently.

    I think they did the “business” thing to get people to watch it – shock.
    I don’t anticipate it will be all like that….I hope!



    Has anyone gone back and watched Heroes? I know there were a couple of you that weren’t too sure about it. Any ideas or comments?


    I wasn’t impressed with the commercials. (Hello? Save the cheerleader…Save the world?…lol) Then I caught the second episode and have been hooked ever since! I love the space-time continuum storyline.
    They replay the latest episode every Friday on the SciFi Channel if anyone misses it in the first run.

    (edited to add: If you haven’t seen it and have a weak stomach, record it so you can skim over certain parts. There is only so much I could take of the cheerleader putting herself together again…and again…LOL)

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