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    In the thread ” Buddhist reflections” I’ve said that the whole world will be as one,me and you too… then all of us will be close to God.
    I know that many people will disagree with me…but
    Even though we’ve become to be a monster like Hitller….God will be the same ……..
    Of course we don’t have to forget the suffering of the victims, and his guilty for it.
    If we return to our past lives, it is possible that we were monsters too, why not????
    So lets learn the lessons from it, to build a new world, and say “Hitller is gone forever….amen”


    In the same way that we cannot know left without right, up without down light without dark…we are balanced by the monster Hitler type and the saintly Mother Theresa types. Neither type will be gone forever because we cannot know one without the other.

    If God is every where, then there is nowhere that God is not, therefore God was in Hitler as he is within us all.

    Hope this doesn’t come across as inflammatory, it wasn’t intended to. ;-)


    It doesn’t come across as inflammatory to me, rayb. I believe I understand what you’re saying. Sometimes it’s difficult for us to subscribe to this school of thought, but it doesn’t make it any less true.


    Once again I get myself in the position of apparent sales man, and I’m not… honest! In book two of Conversations With God the Hitler situation is explained quite adequately, therefore I have an undestanding of the situation that allows me to not hold a grudge. Which doesn’t mean I wholly condone what he did, but it was God’s will that he, as we all do, have free choice. If Hitler hadn’t have made the choices he did, and an awful lot of people subscribed to the same thing at the time, then we wouldn’t know what we do now.

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