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    Due to the popularity of “Crossing Over”, the publication of several books, and his seminar tours, John Edward has become a household name. It’s hard to imagine that as recently as three or four years ago, most of the general public had never heard of John Edward, nor was the topic of after death communication discussed so freely by so many.

    As our membership continues to grow at such a rapid rate, I have a question for our members:

    How did YOU discover John Edward?


    I was flipping thru the channels late one night, thinking that nothing was on. Being a science fiction fan, I turned on the SCI FI channel.

    At first I remember being almost upset. Saying to my better half, I wish there were more real psychics out there ( sorry JE ). After about a half hour of watching; and trying to show Scott how cold readers do their thing… I gave up.

    It was obvious that something was going on here.

    After watching several shows, I came to the conclusion that this John Edward guy, was most likely the real deal. We decided to attend a seminar ( just to be sure ) and agree….

    John Edward is a gifted psychic medium :) We’re glad all those other stations had nothing to offer that night :D



    My daughter saw him on a talk show (don’t remember which one) and mentioned him to me. But at the time I must not have been ready to hear it because I do not remember checking out his website at that time. Then later, I typed in the Yahoo! url and lo and behold there is this I could not resist it. I JUST had to see what this was all about. I lurked for a few weeks and then felt a need to respond to a posting which made me join this site and the rest is history – the seminar in Minneapolis, the books and the show. The only thing left is to meet him in person.



    Interestingly the first time I heard the name John Edward, my Mom who was terminally ill w/ cancer called me to say she was watching him on Larry King. Mom had a lot of psychic ability and told me to tune in . . . she thought he was “the real deal”. Later after she passed, just happened to see Crossing Over on Sci Fi. That was the spring of 2001 and I’ve been hooked ever since!!


    Pam B

    Jeff and I watch an all-news cable network in the morning before he goes to work. I was flipping channels for different “background noise” while I went about my business in the house (webstuff.) I came across the show and thought “I saw the commercials for this, I want to see what this is about.”

    I was mesmerized. I had seen this kind of thing before but this was different. More detailed, and more personal. I wanted to believe, but my learned skepticism kept me from going over the top. I immediatley jumped on the net and searched for everything I could find about him.

    2 months later I was sitting in the front row at one of his seminars in Chicago, where I fell off the fence and squarely into John’s back yard :)


    Mum found him, I wouldn’t say by accident….I guess she was meant too. My dad had passed away from lung cancer about a month prior and she was finding it difficult coming to terms with her loss. It was her that told me about JE, saying you have to watch him, he’s the real thing.
    As she was getting a lot of comfort from this, I watched out of curiosity. At first I thought he’s too good…..must be staged but the more I started to watch him regular, the more I started to believe in him….all the reactions from the gallery were too real.
    As JE say’s the people who really are meant to get the msgs will, and at that time Mum got what she needed through other validations, and knowing that he’s still apart of our lives from the other side.


    My husband was lightning fast on the remote control even when very sick with cancer. He paused on the Crossing Over show and started watching. I joined him and we both watched it together as often as possible. We laughed and cried together. It quickly became my favorite show. I would have never predicted it would turn out to be such a life altering show for me.

    Farmer Kathy

    I was watching Sci Fi channel–Dark Shadows ( OK you guys fess up, who didn’t watch Dark Shadows when they were a kid–if you are in your forties that is:) )

    Anyway if my memory is correct I think John followed that show or I saw a commercial for it and decided to watch. I was always afraid to get involved with physics, mainly because there are so many fakes. But I guess my son had other ideas in mind for me.

    I wanted to believe he was real so much, so got tickets for his seminar last March and lo and behold recieved our reading from our son, Ray.

    To say that John Edward has changed my life is putting it mildly. He gave me back my son (although he was always there, I needed John to show me that)



    One morning on the way to take my son to school I turned on the car radio and the dj was asking the traffic guy if he had seen the show Crossing Over on scifi.
    They were remarking about how incredible this psychic/medium named John Edward was.
    So…when I got home I checked the listings for the show.

    That was when they replayed the previous nights show in the morning so, I was able to catch it that morning.

    This was before my mom became ill.
    She and I watched it religiously every night that it was on from then on… and the replays the next morning too.



    I too was flipping thru the channels one day and spotted JE. My husband knew I was interested in psychics and told me to watch. He had seen CO the day before. The first few times I watched, I tried to figure out if this was for real or not. The more I watched the more I knew he is for real. I watch him everyday, and on my days off I watch him twice. The peace and closure he gives so many is wonderful. My husband :hmm: remains a skeptic, but that may change after we see him in April.


    I, too, was flipping through channels and stumbled across John on SciFi. After seeing one show, I knew he was not only the real thing, he was the best medium I had ever seen. I’ve had sessions with many people who claimed to be psychics over the years, and I’m very familiar with “cold reading” and other tricks of the trade employed by frauds. John is so impressive because he will not pick up on cues given to him by people in the gallery and run with them, which is what a cold reader would do. He keeps searching until he can match up the information he’s getting from the other side with the right person on this side. By the time I finished watching my first Crossing Over, I was sitting there, totally stunned that here, at last, was living proof of an afterlife!

    Oh, and Kathy, I can definitely relate to your comments about Dark Shadows! When I was in college, I used to run to the Student Union after my speech class to get a good seat in front of the TV to see Barnabas and crew. :D


    Channel flipping late one Friday night and came across “CO”.

    Channel flipping seems to be the favorite way of communicating JE and CO.

    Haven’t looked back since.

    Take Care;)


    I was channel flipping also. I came across Crossing Over and have been a John Edward believer ever since. The comfort he brings us all is a blessing. I saw him in Charlotte, NC last year. I didn’t get a reading, but the ones that did were great!!! Thanks John Edward for sharing your special gift with us all!!!!


    I spotted him in November on CBS when I was channel surfing, I didn’t have Sci FI at the time, didn’t know he was on Sci Fi till I read his book…..Then I got Sci Fi about a month ago, Maybe it’s someones way of saying “She needs more input, needs more John” Been hooked since.


    Channel surfing, I paused, and got hooked. I think I was a skeptic when I first started watching; but soon I was a believer.
    – Art

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