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    I discovered John Edward back in the mid 90’s while listening to a local radio station here in NY.

    He was on for a good 2 hours and gave many phone readings and I was totally amazed!! I tried calling in, but to no avail :(

    From that day on I was hooked!! John was on that radio program from time to time and the more I listened to him the more I was in awe!

    That’s how I discovered John Edward! :)



    I had always watched a show on Sci-Fi that was on at 10:00p.m. One night I turned sci-fi on at that time expecting to see that show and instead of the show John’s show was on. I watched it for a little bit and was mad that the show that I wanted to watch was not on. But the more that I watched , the more interested I became. I have always been interested in psychic phenomenon. Needless to say I have been watching the show, reading the books and articles and listening to the tapes ever since. It has forever changed my life for the better. Thank You John and may God continue to bless you, I am forever grateful. Kim :angel:


    Hey Kim, I’m following you again! :wave:

    I was visiting my brother in Kentucky last Feb. and he told me that he had seen this show with a psychic guy that he thought I might like. Our younger brother (resident skeptic) was with us too. We all sat up until 11:00 p.m. to watch him and ended up talking about the show until 3 a.m.! After that I was hooked. when I got back to CA, I found it on SciFi here and was lucky enough to get tickets to his May seminar in San Francisco. I even got a reading!

    I was skeptical for about 30 minutes into the first show and from that point on, I began to believe. I read everything I could, searched the web (found this site! :)) and watched religiously and continue to do so.

    Watching CO has opened doors to learning that I had never opened before. It has made me more aware of CAVing the people in my life and has helped me pioritize the things and people I want to be around. I cannot thank JE enough for being brave enough and tenacious enough to bring his message to us in his unique style.

    Kim :daisy:


    My husband found him first and had been watching for a while. I went into to watch TV with him and have been hooked ever since.



    I have been a SciFi fan from way back. Yes, I watched Dark Shadows in the late 60’s every chance I got.
    My favorite show at the time (when I found JE) was Sliders. I had been trying to find it on SCIFI channel and instead found a commercial for CrossingOver. I was intrigued, as I had studied metaphysical stuff for about 20 years. I decided to check the listings and catch CO the next time it was on. I loved it right away. My sister had crossed in ’99, so I was in need confirmations of connections to the otherside.
    Not only has JE helped me cope with a very big loss in my life, but he has totally helped my mom who prior to JE was quite depressed. I tape the shows for her as she doesn’t get the SciFi channel…she is mesmerized and coping quite well for an 87 year old who resides in a nursing home.
    The seminars were just “icing on the cake”– such a bonus to see JE live and watch him work and pass on his wonderful messages. I wish I could afford to attend them all!

    Love, light, and peace,


    Channel surfing here. Just stumbled accross the show. I’ve always waffled on the subject of life after death until I watched his show about ten times. At first, I was trying to figure out if he was using “cold reading” or some variant of it. The more I watched, the more I believed. Mind you, even prior to discovering John Edwards, I’ve always had visits from my mother and friend Arthur (God bless your souls :) ). I’ve usually put them off as wishful dreaming, but not as of lately.


    John was on his promotional tour for One Last Time and I heard a spot for the seminar he was holding at the Sharonville Convention Center here in Cincinnati. I don’t know why I did it, but I called up and ordered a group of tickets and organized a girl’s night out to go see him. Initially I was a little surprised at how young he was, but as he started to speak, I quickly forgot all about that. I found him very intriguing, bought his book and have been paying attention ever since. He’s opened my eyes to many things. His written and verbal descriptions of what he went through when his Mom passed away from lung cancer helped me with my own struggle to quit smoking, and his meditation tapes helped keep me sane during that process. I’ve never met the man and he’s had a larger influence on me than many people I see every day. I remain ever so slightly skeptical, but I can emphatically say I owe that young man a debt of gratitude that I can never find a way to repay.


    Originally posted by PsyQuestor
    I was flipping thru the channels late one night, thinking that nothing was on. Being a science fiction fan, I turned on the SCI FI channel.

    It was obvious that something was going on here.

    After watching several shows, I came to the conclusion that this John Edward guy, was most likely the real deal.

    Ditto for me too!


    I found “Crossing Over “a couple of days after my dad had crossed over. I was flipping thru channels and for some reason stopped on the sci-fi station (I never watch that channel!) Been watching ever since!!

    :daisy: Jerri

    p.s. I loved watching “Dark Shadows” when I was young!!:p


    Just flipping through the channels. Commercial said he talked to dead people.
    I was hooked after the first show.


    Our cable company added some new channels a year ago and Sci-Fi was one of them. One night my husband said “there is this show on the sci-fi channel I think you would like, some guy named John Edward”. When I asked him what it was, he wouldn’t tell me but just told me to watch it. I did……and I was instantly hooked! I got my 3 daughters to start watching and we all went to the Columbus seminar this past October. My mom tried to watch and is very intrigued by it, but she is hard of hearing and John tends to talk a little fast ( I know…hard to so she can’t understand him very well but does believe in what he does.

    He has become a part of my life and has been of great comfort to me. I am amazed at how many people I know who watch him. In fact, my last gift to my secret sister in sorority this year is all 3 of his books and a rose pin.:D


    Another channel surfer here. I’ve been interested in psychics and such. Found John one night and have become a fan. I would go up to bed and hubby would have the news on. Not for long. Now we both watch him but hubby still likes to joke like he thinks it’s a lot of fluff.;) He knows it it irks me.:)

    I am also an old Dark Shadows watcher. (Good thing we had more than one tv in our house. :p )


    I first heard of John Edward back in 1996 when he appeared on the local radio station in New York City. A friend of mine and I would drive to school in separate cars and we would listen to him. By the time we got to school, all we could talk about was, did you hear him say that to this woman, or what about him telling that woman this and that. We were amazed….

    I was always fascinated by him and his work, but it wasn’t really until I had some severe losses in my life that I further delved into his abilities and have been hooked ever since.



    For me it was a totally an accident. I was dealing with my guilt about my not being able to visit my grandfather in the hospital while he was dying. I have a real fear of hospitals & doctors due to an awful experience I had and I couldn’t put it a side. I spent six years kicking myself in the backside until one Sunday night in March of 2001. I was waitng for the Bruins hockey game to come back on its cable home and I switched channels for a minute and there was John. I felt like a wieght had been lifted off my shoulders. He was what I needed to come out of my depression about my grandfather and get on with my life!!! I’ve been watching Co regularly ever since. Sheila


    While channel surfing, I came across a commercial for the show. It had Linda Dano from Another World on it. I was always interested in George Anderson, so this show got my immediate attention. Then I just had to remember to tune in to the right time and channel. This all happened within the first two weeks of the show’s beginning.

    I also was a faithful Dark Shadows watcher. That show must have been more popular than I realized! I watched the short-lived updated version that was on some time ago, too.


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