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    Hi you guys…
    Hmmmm It’s really funny I cannot remember for the
    life of me how I started watching CO :blush:

    I even just asked my other 1/2 and he said he thinks i heard about it on the internet…and I seem to remember flipping channels…

    Oh well it’s hell to get old..I just can’t remember…lol

    Well however I found John and CO I am sure glad I did…

    A certain peace has come over me since I started watching
    John & the show and I don’t miss an opportunity to tell others about it even with my customers at work…

    I work in a big retail computer store…everyone I have said something to has told me that they have watched the show so thats a real positive thing…



    Originally posted by PhilsGail
    I would have never predicted it would turn out to be such a life altering show for me.

    Ditto, mom :)

    My mom and dad introduced me to the tv show. I would probably have been interested in it no matter what, but because my dad was dying of cancer at the time, it glued me to the set. (so even then, before dad died, I was finding comfort from JE’s work – in a way it helped prepare me for my dad’s death).



    I dont post much just lurk, But I seen the promo’s on sci fi and I thought what a bunch of garbage !! I could figure this magician clown out easily. He cold reads, throws a bunch of stuff out that will fit any one, and people will be desperate enough to believe. I started watching and it and it was nothing like I ever thought. I know he cant pay all those people (actors) it too genuine and someone would blab. So I am a believer and an addict, I read his books and have his tapes which I like.



    My daughters had informed me of the show last year. They both have known since they were young children that I was a believer. Although it was difficult to be able to watch it while we were on the road 24/7, since November I have been able to watch it (faithfully) and received his book Crossing Over at Christmas.

    I feel his show has opened the subject up to alot of people!



    It was in Nov of 2000 for me. I had seen CO on before, but never watched more than 10 seconds. One night I had been watching something that came on before it, and then just watched the show. I was quite intrigued. So I watched it the next night, and the next night, and so on… I was in love, with the whole process, concept, John, everything. I got One Last Time for Christmas, read it faster than I’ve ever read any book. I started taping the shows, I became… *drumroll*… obsessed! :D I found this site last summer, and after 2 seminars sold out on me, I finally got to see him in Columbus last October.
    Although I don’t feel the need to watch every single time CO is on anymore, John opened me up to a whole new world, and changed my views on a lot of things, and made me a better person because of it all.


    After the loss of my mom a little over a year ago I began reading books by Sylvia Browne. My husband told me that I should buy one of John Edward’s books. He had heard him on WPLJ and he sounded quite convincing (interesting because while my husband is open-minded he’s not quite convinced about the whole life after death thing). So, I bought the book and started watching his program on Sci-Fi. When he made it into syndication I was thrilled!


    “(interesting because while my husband is open-minded he’s not quite convinced about the whole life after death thing).

    Here is a link that I think has some amazing stuff on it – having to do with “the whole life after death thing.” It is a link that is mostly about near death experiences, but also has some links to scientific evidence, and even to John Edward! It’s pretty interesting. – Art


    My daughter had been watching him for a couple of months and mentioned him to me one day. I tuned him in a couple nights later and immediately was hooked! My husband starting watching with me a few weeks later but it took him 2 months before he finally threw away his skeptism and now has total belief in John’s gift and has even turned others onto John!


    A bit of a junkie for anything psychic, spiritual, or otherwise… tuned in and saw JE on Larry King in March of 2001. I recognized other psychics… but this other guy? No clue. But I decided I liked him.

    09/10/2001, tuned into Larry King and by “chance” he was on again, and I decided I liked him enough to check out the show. I began taping it, found myself quickly hooked. I was thrilled that after years of “so-so” new age gurus, someone “got it right.” Of course I have no idea exactly what that means, but…

    Less than two months later, I found myself flying to a seminar in Utah on five days notice. I live nowhere near Utah. Let’s put it this way: it was the highest ratio of travel time vs. time spent in a city I’ve ever had in my life.

    After I came back, I began one of those rapid-fire periods of spiritual growth. They say evolution happens in fits and starts… I think that includes spiritual evolution. I don’t credit JE for making it happen — but I credit his work for it making sense to me.



    In January of 2001, my nephew, who lost his father 2 months earlier, was telling us about how he had been to 2 of John’s shows prior to his fathers passing. I was shocked and very skeptical at first. But other members of the family said that they had watched him on TV, so I thought that, maybe, I would tune in just to see what they were talking about. In February, I finally decided to see what he (my nephew) was so excited about, I watched the show! I did not believe it at all!! I thought all the things everyone else had said. Hidden mikes, investigating of the gallary audience, all of that. But something made me continue to watch, and as the weeks went by, I was so in awe!! He is so accurate, he is personable, so honest, (and so adorable). He had to be real!!! Now I watch the show, tape it so I can watch them over again, went to his seminar, and now was lucky enough to connect on the phone on a Saturday, so I am waiting for a response for tickets to see him in person. (I know, that may never happen :( . But– I am hoping!! :D



    This is a lovely website. I’m so glad to have found it.


    I really don’t know when it was when I first saw John, but I know it was over 3 years ago. From the first time I ever saw him, I knew I liked him. His books have brought me so much peace and comfort. Thanks to <>, I am convinced our loved ones never truly leave us.

    dawn sadler

    i first saw JE, a while ago now here in the UK, on living tv, i had just taken my daughter Rachel to school. and was having 5 mins before i had to rush back out, and i was flicking with the remote and i heard the tv run down for that afternoon, it said the next programme was about someone who can talked to loved ones that have “crossed over”, oh goodie, i thought, so i put my feet up and watched closley, by the end of the programme my jaw was nearly on the floor, and my arms were full of goose bumps, that was two yrs ago nearly, i am now an avid fan every night without fail, i have all of john’s books and love them all.
    all my family are big fans too, and that includes my very sceptic father.

    truth seeker

    I discovered john edwards on sally jessy R show, they have re runs of it on sky 1 during the day & I saw JE doing a show with her, he was very impressive & so when I saw his name on crossing over on sky 1 I started watching him, I wouldnt normally but I was really impressed with him on sally.


    I was flipping through the channels when I saw him. I am very carefull so I had to watch for a few weeks before I could believe he was real. It is not that I don’t believe in psyhics but there are so many phonies. I have been to one real one. She never advertise, everything is word of mouth, and everything she told me turned out to be true. But it is good to see John Edwards.

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