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    I had been visiting a spiritual site on the net which all of a sudden began having a lot of problems, I became very down and out over this and had sat down and said “I think im gonna just give up on this whole psychic thing”, the dissapointement over this sites break up was just so overwhelming for me. All of a sudden my grandma whispered to me to keep the faith. At this time for some reason i stuck my hand into the crease of the couch and pulled out the remote control, I began flipping through the channels trying to get my mind off what was bothering me, lo and behold I stopped on the sci-fi channel, a few minutes later there was John talking about how much comfort it brings to people when those who have crossed over come through and how sometimes the rough times are to make us stronger. He had mentioned not to question, that everything happens for a reason. That night before I entered slumber I whispered ……. thank you God, Thank you grandma, Thank you JOHN! I now watch him every chance I get as his shows are so uplifting, His wonderful spirit and loving way of helping others shows me that there truly is a reason to believe in the afterlife!


    My friend and i had been told about him from a colleague at work..weeks later i was flicking through the sky channels and i came across it on Living T.V.
    I didnt realise at first this was the guy we`d been told about, my friend and i started to watch it and became hooked on it..wanting to know what was coming next, readings were so accurate, touching and sometimes its compulsive viewing.


    That was how I found him

    Came back from work one Saturday and was flicking through the channels. Saw this guy standing on a disk making people cry!

    The week after, I did the same and the penny dropped that he was talking to DEAD PEOPLE!! OMG!!

    Well the next week I purposely tuned in, the second week the VCR was set and so the story goes!

    What can I say – I love the guy!!!

    One of the things I’m thankful for is this board – I wouldn’t have come to know you guys without John!!

    And I certainly wouldn’t have emailed a complete stranger out of the blue, Tracey 123!!!:lwink:


    I discovered John Edward when one night my husband and I were channel surfing and we saw John doing a seminar. They were talking about people crossing over. I became interested at once and started watching him from then on. I wrote down the channel and time it came on and made sure we watched it the next day. We have been fans since.:)


    I feel that john was brought to me by my nan she passed away on my dd 2nd birthday and was greaving quite badley john came on to australian tv just at the right time i watched him and auotmaticaly felt a connetion with him. so since then i have read all of his books and im thinking i would love to start doing his tapes he made me relise that altho nans not here in person shes still here in sprit


    Well, except for private readings, I am probably one of the early folks to have heard of John. I am a regular listener to WPLJ with Scott, Todd and Naomi. I used to hear Suzane Northrup on that station and then one day I heard John. I would be in tears by the time I got to work, listening to the reactions of the people he was reading over the telephone. I deserately tried to get him one day before I left for work, but I was unable to get through. By the time he was on SciFi I had told everyone about him and told them to watch.

    As Suzane puts it, “Everything Happens For A Reason” and I guess this is true, because when he started on the gallery I tried again, thinking maybe I could get in touch with my mom. Still I could not get through. Then my son crossed at the age of 26 and just 3 1/2 months after he crossed I was able to get into a seminar in Albany, NY. My son came through in a room of 1600. My son had watched John on SciFi as did the rest of my kids.



    Laura thats lovely that your son came through you must have been really glad…and now you know for sure that “everything does happen for a reason”.


    Yes, Tracey, it was very good for the whole family when my son came thru. He was gone in an instant and we were all overcome by such grief. It was tragic and had a mystery around it and we needed answers. When he came thru John he had something to say for everyone. With George A. he gave us very specific details. Ones that I asked him to give me in the car while I spoke silently to him on my way home from work.

    And, yes, I was not able to see John until my son crossed. I thank God that Steven was allowed to communicate to us as many times as he has, not just thru mediums but on a very personal level.

    Thanks for your reply :musicnote :musicnote


    I knew of John Edward and started to appreciate and be amazed by his work long before “Crossing Over” ever aired. I started listening to WPLJ-99.5 radio, the Scott and Todd show in New York in the early 90’s. John would make frequent appearances on the show and people would call in and be read!! I was always fascinated with the accuracy of John’s messages and was a big fan and admirer long before I even knew what he looked like.

    After my mom died last March I found John’s show, “Crossing Over” and found it to be very comforting. I have never missed the show since then. I have all of John’s books and have been trying to get tix to his show to no avail. Even attempting to buy a ticket, the show sold out in 10 minutes and when I got through I was out of luck. I know it’s disgusting these scalpers on Ebay and the obscene amounts they get for tickets, but I was desperate and did get a ticket for the Westbury show in April!

    I love John Edward and the message he sends. I believe in him totally! It has made me a much better person and certainly more spiritual! I am no longer afraid of death and actually welcome it!


    carefree cookin

    He was wearing cream slacks, loafers and a trendy sports coat. He looked great! We knew it was him straight away and eventually got up the courage to talk to him. He was very curt with us and din’t seem to want to talk but he wasn’t rude and must get bothered all the time. We still love him.


    :cuser: answering your question on “how did i discover john edward” i was cutting my nan,s and grandads hair about 2years ago and my nan said “you should watch this ” and i said what.s that nan she said ” oooh his ever so good i watch him afternoon and night come on she said sit down and watch him !!! from that moment i was hooked i went to book shops and bought nearly every book that jumped out at me and read about (lad) i always believed in life after death just never had any thing to inspire me at that time untill i went to my nans that is:angel: now i,ve read all johns books there just not thick enough for me i read it in a couple of days i can,t pace my self with johns books there the ones you just can,t out down especially “if god were the son” that was truly amazing:)


    My guides brought him to me :)

    I was turning my TV to the weather channel (channel 52) and accidentally hit the ‘down’ button after I hit the ’52’ key. 51 is the sci-fi channel and they were doing a ‘biography’ of JE. This was before his show CO was coming on for the first time. I was mesmerized by him. I connected to him and have been a fan of his since.


    I first saw John on Larry King in 1998. A few months later I called his office when I heard he was having a seminar on Long Island. I managed to get one of the last tickets available.
    He co-hosted that seminar with medium Robert Brown. It was an eye-opening experience for me and started me on the road to studying Tarot and mediumship.



    I remember seeing him on a couple of talk shows long before he had his own show, in 1999, I think. You can just imagine how happy I was when I realized that SciFi was carrying a show by him! I believe I noticed CO on SciFi sometime in late 2000 or early 2001. I remember being really excited to see that the tv station I work for aired his show when I started there in August 2001.


    I was looking for a program to watch one morning went I stumbled across his show, it wasn’t long after I lost my only son in the terroist attacks. I hope one day to be able to go to one of his seminars.

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