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    My husband and I sat at the kitchen table one morning having coffee and watching the birds at the feeder. We were discussing an article I had read saying that the pennies we find are “pennies from heaven”. We both like the idea and he said, “Honey, when I go, I promise I will send you pennies from heaven” Neither of us had any idea that a short month later our house would catch fire and he would not survive. I had gone back in three times trying to find him in the smoke. I don’t remember feeling devastated, angry or anything else. I was totally numb. I stayed this way for weeks, never crying a tear even at the funeral. I went to live with my daughter and her family while the house was being rebuilt. I went back to work and functioned like nothing had happened, until one rainy night, leaving a convenience store I spotted a brand new penny in my path. It had not been there when I entered the store. I completely fell apart. I have always believed in a “life after death”, but knew that I would have to wait until after my death to see my loved ones who had gone on.
    One of the first things another daughter had brought me was a tape of Crossing Over…in fact a tape that was all Crossing Over shows. She said, “Mom, you need to watch this”. Of course, I didn’t; I was strong, I could handle this…after all, God wouldn’t give me more than I could bear. One morning when I was off work, the tv running as usual for background noise, I realized the show that was on was Crossing Over. I was just too depressed to get up and change the channel so I left it on. Soon after this I retired and I found myself watching the clock every morning so I wouldn’t miss the show. I couldn’t dismiss what John was doing, but I still thought it couldn’t happen to me. I found the Crossing Over website, checked it out, bought all of his books and then found myself looking for tickets to his seminars. Hmmmm…the one in Dallas was sold out, but the one in Austin still had tickets available. I immediately bought two, made reservations for the dates at an Austin hotel and called my daughter who had given me the tapes. I told her to keep those dates open because we were going to Austin! I couldn’t have shocked her more. Do I believe? Of course I do…after all I’m still finding my pennies…one on my husbands tombstone the day it was set, one in the seat of my car after our grandaughters first T-ball game, one in the lobby of the hospital when I went last week to have cataract surgery. Now I have to find out how to be more open to his energy and the energy of my other loved ones who have crossed over.

    Thank you John for giving comfort to my heart.

    P.S. I finally watch the tape….yesterday.


    ((((Bluebonnet)))) Your story really touched me. What a devasting way to lose a loved one. I am glad to hear you are starting to recognize signs. I too find pennies from my brother. Sometimes I question whether it is a sign or just a penny, but usually they come to me at very significant times and are right in my face! Sounds like your husband too is working hard to give you signs when you most need them.

    I am glad to hear you are going to the Austin seminar. I think you will really get a lot out of it. I too am going to that seminar. I live outside of Dallas so we are going to both shows. I can’t wait!!!!



    Welcome to our site, Bluebonnet. You are really going to enjoy seeing John at the seminar and we will be waiting for your report. :)

    Please ask for help if you need it to find your way around our site. It’s a vast site with a tremendous amount of information on it.

    Gail :)


    My sister kept telling me about him but she was able to watch the SCI-FI channel and I only have regular old fashioned TV channels,,,,,When He finally appeared on my tV I started watching and taped every show so I could watch when I got home,,,,,,,now I’m so happy that I have the tapes…..He has changed the way I think about so many things and has given me some peace regarding the loss of my Mother,,,,,,Thanx so much John..


    I think I had heard vaguely of him before, but I didn’t really learn about him until about 1 month after my mother died in October 2002, when I ws flipping channels and happened to land on SciFi (which I rarely watched). From the first second I realized what it was, I was completely hooked. It did more good for me than any grief counseling, as it simply affirmed that mom was still around, which I desperately wanted to believe. I’ve read all his books and just had the absolute pleasure of sitting in front of him at a seminar in Minneapolis. Even without receiving a reading, it was absolutely incredible and, again, completely assuring that those we love are still around us. I’m so greatful for John and his work.


    I had seen the commercials in the summer of 2001 when Crossing Over was going to be on CBS that fall. I thought that it was crazy to have a show like this on TV. I had never seen the show on SiFi as yet and had not heard of him. Then on August 17th of that summer, on the anniversary of my mother’s death, my husband died suddenly. I was a mess, to say the least. A few weeks after his death, one of my step-daughters mentioned John’s book, One More Time. Someone she worked with had told her about it. I went to the store and bought it on the way home from her house. I started to read it and to watch the show on SiFi every night. Finding John has helped me through and will continue to help me :rosary:


    I don’t really remember when I first heard about John. I believe I saw a commericial for Crossing Over and I started watching the show and then I started looking for his books. And then it seemed like his show disappeared soon after that.

    Ann S

    :wave: Hiya Its been an awful long time since i have been on this site :o I think it might be about six month.
    I was so glad I was at I work meeting one day a long time ago, and a team leader happened to say had anyone seen J E on Crossing Over. She was telling us all how good he was so I check it out.
    How true she was I was addicted after then, and now Ive seen him live three times.


    Hello everyone!

    Well, I must admit……I’m a LATE JE fan. And I’ve NEVER seen Crossing Over. :-( I had cheap cable when it actually aired, so the station wasn’t available anyway.

    I’m not sure “who” or “what” brought JE into my life. I remember being OBSESSED with the news of Terri Schiavo. My TV was constantly on Fox News or CNN. It was a very draining two weeks for me. Anyway, one day…….out of the blue………JE appeared on one of the stations promoting his book, Practical Praying. Some force…….maybe a guide of mine? I’d like to think maybe my father………was just telling me to go out and get the book. And I found him to be very inspirational in this short, unexpected interview. He was the “light” of the news that I so needed. So, I went online and bought his latest book and just loved it. A few weeks later I had a chance to go to Barnes and Noble……and I ended up buying all his other books! I remember one lady at the bookstore trying to recommend other spiritual writers, but my focus was strictly on John! Let’s see, that was 4 other books I bought all at once :-)

    I have to admit……I haven’t read his fictional books yet. His nonfiction has just lead me to other spiritual discoveries, so I’ve been too busy for them. Maybe I will be ready one day.

    It would be nice if Crossing Over would start showing in syndication here, but, so far, no luck. Maybe it’s just not meant for me to see.



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