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    I am looking for guidance from a medium to help me with a personal problem. How do I find one? Other than driving around looking for a neon sign of a palm and hoping for the best? I live in Baltimore.


    It’s difficult. I would suggest you do an on-line search and look and read carefully. Anyone can put up a slick website and provide so-called testimonials, so you really need to do your research.

    I personally don’t believe many true mediums exist. While many will make the claim, it is really up to the seeker to sift through them and then, eventually find someone you feel is real, ethical, and that you have a connection with.

    And, again in my opinion, be prepared to be patient. You may find someone who has a waiting list.



    I live in Columbia. Michelle Livingston, a medium who has been a guest on John Holland’s radio show, is in Pennsylvania and includes among her services phone readings. I’ve had one with her and was more than satisfied. She may be more accessible (and less expensive) as some of the heavy hitters. Her Web site is Take a look at it and see if you think she could help you. Some mediums deliver messages but don’t take questions. During my phone reading with her, she asked if I had any questions of her, or of the family members who came through. So I recommend her as a possibility. I’ve also seen ads for mediums in Annapolis but know nothing about them. If I think of any others, I’ll chime in.

    Chassie West


    Hi BettyS,
    Word-of-mouth is by far the best way to find a good medium. Certainly check out Michele Livingston as Chassie suggests. Actually anyone who has been on John Holland’s show I would trust. He won’t steer you wrong. Patti Sinclair is someone else he recommends.

    Does anyone remember anyone else we should list that has been on his show?

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