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    Just thought I’d rerun this poll for those who missed it the first time around.


    I think that I’ve learned the importance of forgiveness through John’s message. It amazes me when a person who was horrible in life comes through to John and he says that they weren’t themselves and now they’re comepletely different.

    Also, my Mom passed eight months ago from cancer and I miss her terribly but if It weren’t for John and CO It would have been a lot worse. Thank GOD I was able to find CO just in time.


    awwwwww I couldnt vote, said my session was invalid, so I logged off and on again, and my session was still invalid
    :( I wish I was a bit more techy minded cos I just dont understand.

    Anyhow, that aside, I guess they mostly apply to me too, :D


    I couldn’t vote either Minty. :(

    John’s message has affected my life in so many ways, and at so many different levels that I can’t even begin to explain. :)



    :tech:Minty and Sassy, don’t know why it would say that you’re session was “invalid” … This is the first time you’ve tried to vote?


    Yes, I had a tough time to thinking I could only pick one, then decided to give it a go and picked more than one.

    John has sure made me CAV more that usual, and really try to look at people thru their eyes. I have a better understanding of people and their feelings, I tolerate more that I used to before, I’m more patient with people than I ever was (or could this be an age thing as I get older, I’m not sure.)

    I really look for signs now and appreciate life a lot more, and it must really show, cuz I draw a lot of people to me. I collect angel figurines in both my home and work area, and this seems to draw people to me. They seem more comfortable in speaking/confiding in me when I need to help them. There are still a lot of people out there, that fear they will be ridiculed for speaking of the angels, or having their deceased loved ones show signs. And for some reason, I must be like a magnet, cuz I’ve had many come to me and ask if I believe in the afterlife, and that usually gets the ball rolling. It’s like they know who they can talk to and who they can’t. I’ve made a lot of good friends over JE conversations. This forum for one, I can feel alot of love pouring from everyone here.

    :) Susanna


    Originally posted by Don
    :tech:Minty and Sassy, don’t know why it would say that you’re session was “invalid” … This is the first time you’ve tried to vote?

    I’ve managed to vote before Don….. maybe this is just a fluke lol I get them sometimes… technology just isnt my forte :square: :confused: :D


    John Edward & Crossing Over has had a lot of impact on me and my family, he has confimed to me that there is life after death, for the longest time, I thought I was crazy, my mother said I was ‘Mental’, I still believed…I felt that there was another side of life but no one wanted to hear what I had to say, Thank You John Edward for validating my beliefs.:angel:


    new guy here…

    Well I said Open-minded, because I am and it hasnt enhanced my spiritual life but it has added to it GREATLY. I find JE to be the most sedate, rooted and detached of what little number of mediums I’ve seen/met. He gets straigt to the point and doesnt get all mushy like his TV competition *cough* *cough* I feel I could relate to this guy. Plus it lets me feel not so isolated, because finding people that are open to this is quite difficult (took me a while to find these lovely place) And in my family we experience some pretty wild stuff and I know that JE has really helped my mother feel better about those who have crossed over(closet psychic she is, she still had many fears and doubts about the process). Now we are both CO junkies, hell I cant even call her at her home if JE is on…. she’s not answering LOL :D


    Hey Don, thanks for the poll! I must say I am happy that we could chose more than 1 option. JE has taught me so much!

    Kim :angel3:

    “Communicate, Appreciate, and Validate those in your Life today.” – John Edward


    But its made me more curious. I want to know how it works~


    Dear Momof7sons….

    You have the perfect response if someone calls you crazy again….. “I have 7 sons”!!!! !:stick: rofl

    God bless you!


    Hey hey! What’s up?! I like your screenname, and my nickname is “Angel” or “American Angel”.

    Kim :angel3:

    “Communicate, Appreciate, and Validate those in your Life today.” – John Edward



    Thanks for arranging this poll. Its very interesting to see how close the figures are between each question. These are some of the ways that JE and this site has made a difference to me.

    As for myself, I haven’t lost anyone who is dear to me but it has always been a major anxiety for me. JE and this site has eased some of that anxiety. I think now I can survive a such a loss.

    Secondly, it has eased my sense of isolation because I grew up being, I think, naturally psychic and spiritual (and some will say high strung, that is, they wish I was strung up, nice and high! Ha!) and I have always hidden that fact, even when I was amongst people who would have been very accepting of that. I think also this is the reason why although I am interested in what JE has to say, he has not been the real focus of my interest; I think this site is more important to me.

    Thirdly, I think just by being who they are JE and many of the members of this site have given me a kick in the backside about being really lazy with my thinking, reading and psychic/spiritual abilities. Unfortunately, I’m one of those who waits for the story to come out in movie form. Or where there are talents, I rely on those getting me through, instead of seeing them as a gift to be built on. I will be doing more reading this coming year.

    Fourthly, I think that aside from JE, this site has provided a chance to communicate about a part of each of our lives which generally isn’t discussed. I would like to see some additional questions about this site and how it has had an effect. I am very grateful for this site.

    Fifthly, one negative (my issue) area which I am still working on is how JE and other psychics might be comfortable making a career out of what is a God given gift. Not that I am trying to compare JE with Jesus or saints or prophets, but imagine if one of them charged for a healing, it just wouldn’t have the same feel about it. I have helped people on a psychic level but I have never ‘worked’ as a psychic and although financially I could definitely use the money I am incredibly ill at ease with the idea of charging for healing. Feedback on this one would be appreciated. I’m not critical of JE, I just want to understand how to reconcile these two elements.

    One last thing. Don, what is your role on this site? You have had some wonderful things to say and I don’t know anything about you or what your ‘area’ is. It would be nice if there was a ’20 things’ list for those who are running this site.

    Sorry, I have gone off the topic a little.



    My one word would be… “LOVE”
    I felt nothing except pure and unconditional love. It was a beautiful experience, one I hope everyone can get a chance to feel it at some point in their lives. If I could have captured the energy that was around me and put it into a bottle, and just touched everyone that passed me with some of it, I would. I think that is what JE is trying to do. Silly

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