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    Originally posted by Demi
    ….I think that aside from JE, this site has provided a chance to communicate about a part of each of our lives which generally isn’t discussed. I would like to see some additional questions about this site and how it has had an effect. I am very grateful for this site. [/quote]
    Somewhat like John, I suppose, we look at ourselves as simply one more way sharing the message. As such, it’s not a “we” thing, it’s an “all-of-you thing”. We’re just here to pass out the beer and prezels and keep the vermin at bay. ;)


    Fifthly, one negative (my issue) area which I am still working on is how JE and other psychics might be comfortable making a career out of what is a God given gift. Not that I am trying to compare JE with Jesus or saints or prophets, but imagine if one of them charged for a healing, it just wouldn’t have the same feel about it. I have helped people on a psychic level but I have never ‘worked’ as a psychic and although financially I could definitely use the money I am incredibly ill at ease with the idea of charging for healing. Feedback on this one would be appreciated. I’m not critical of JE, I just want to understand how to reconcile these two elements.

    Although I see where you’re coming from, I suppose one would have to reconcile anyone taking money to serve their fellow man, no matter what their profession. However, since the barter system has given way to currency, life becomes much less complicated if one deals with it in those terms. I have to look at it from the aspect of “am I getting what I’m paying for”. To that I have to admit, I’m getting a bargain.

    One last thing. Don, what is your role on this site? You have had some wonderful things to say and I don’t know anything about you or what your ‘area’ is. It would be nice if there was a ’20 things’ list for those who are running this site.

    I guess I’ll have to get together with my wife and see if I can come up with 20 noteable things to mention about myself. For now, may my profile be your guide. Oops, gotta run now… runnin’ low on pretzels. :)



    I think that I could sum up what John has done for me in one word — “validation”– that I am not totally crazed. I’ve always been interested in the afterlife and questions unanswered here — my friends think I’m a bit over the top (albeit good-naturedly :lwink: ) but John’s entire approach is so “normal” that it’s hard to find him outlandish. His message is always the same — NEVER take those we love for granted. He stresses loving, appreciating and (that word again) validating those who are so important to us. How can anyone find fault with that. He has never uttered a negative comment, at least to my knoweldge, about any spirits, feelings or situations on this earthly plane — only to keep searching for truth and to do it with love. I will never understand why skeptics have such a problem with a message so positive. Are they, perhaps afraid? And if so, what are they afraid of?

    So, yes, John has made a monumental difference in my life — not only in his message, but also just because he exists, so does this wonderful board. Thank you — all of you :angel: — for this incredible place to come.

    Pudgy (Jeannie)


    Don, I did what you said and read your profile, and we share a birthday! I personally Love my date of birth. :-) I too couldn’t participate in the poll, so I answered the questions. I also can’t insert any of the smilies on the left of this page. It’s ok though, I enjoy checking out everyone else’s…….
    It’s fun to be “SILLY”

    Paula Mae

    :daisy: WOW I would need a book to be able to say how he has changed my life. I would have to say he opened up my eyes. I was always a skeptic but at least open minded. All the other meduims etc I would see always seemed so hokey. With JE its like hey, I’m not into that lets just get down to the facts. He is so genuine and caring. As far as him earning money, if he had to work another job to make a living, he would not be able to do all the things he is here to do. I see it as giving him the ability to reach the most people and to make the most difference in their lives. It would be like saying doctors should work for free and still heal us all.

    I think he does a great job of directing information to those that are riding the fence because it seems so way out there otherwise. He just makes it seem so easy to help ourselves learn and grow so we wont need him to make a connection for us.
    Hmm maybe he is trying his best to put himself out of business lol.
    Thanks to all of you for teaching me sooooo much at this site.


    Hi Everyone :cool:

    Don – thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to respond to this question!!

    So many things have happened in my life over the past several years that have brought saddness. While I continued to barely exist for my children’s and grandchildren’s sake, I had been in despair. I took some illness leave from my job as a teacher. While on leave, I began watching John Edward and Crossing Over. I knew that I had psychic abilities, but connecting with John’s message enabled me to focus on the people who had been important in my life who had crossed over. Except for one Aunt, I am now the oldest female in my immediate and extended family and I was feeling the responsibilities of being thrust into that role. I have always been a spiritual person, but I got lost in my grief and isolation. Listening to John’s message allowed me to reconnect with my family who have crossed over. I now know that they are watching over me and are still in my life – just in a different way. I am so grateful for John and his work. I am also grateful for this site and for the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who are positive and who have some of my beliefs. I think all of you are wonderful and dimension has been added to my existence. Again, thank you!!

    Love and prayers,
    Gay :musicnote


    That was very nice! I am new here also and I just know that there are many very nice people here, willing to help and share, that is my reason for coming to this room. I too have had abilities all of my life also, not an easy life, but still one that I am proud to say I have lived and learned from:) Nice meeting you, hope to see more of your posts:)


    Hi StarrySkize! :cool:

    I’m glad you found this site. Yes, there are many nice people here who care. Thank you for your response. I do need to post more, but I’m a teacher and sometimes I can’t get to the boards, especially when grades are due. I spent most of the last ten days preparing to submit grades and now I have to make up for the time I didn’t spend preparing for lessons! :(

    John and his message, and JEFriends continues to be a source of support for me. I tape Crossing Over and watch it on the weekends while I’m entering grades and doing other such chores. I am continuely grateful for John and for the people here who have shared their experiences and given support to each other.

    Again, welcome. Have a great time!

    Gay :musicnote


    Great question!

    I think personally, it has given me more peace and calmed some fears about family members dying and my own mortality.


    Originally posted by GibbsGirl
    I think personally, it has given me more peace and calmed some fears about family members dying and my own mortality.

    And so to for us all, GibbsGirl… and so to for us all.


    I am not sure if this has been asked before Don, as I am new here..:blush: :blush:

    Just wondering how many Men’s lives he has touched . We all know that most men can be a little sensitive about “showing” that side of themselves.:lwink:

    Women, I think, find it easier to bond and believe. Just my thoughts anyway.


    I know a lot of men who have been touched by John but they don’t let it be known as easily as women do.


    Hmmm… good question, peace2u. I’d have to agree with Gail that I’m sure lots of men have been touched by John’s work.

    Will men show it as outwardly as women? Up to a point, probably not. But that’s ok, so long as they get the message that they need to Communicate, Appreciate and Validate those in their life. Everyone will have their own unique, recognizable, way of doing that, whether it’s a big effectionate sweep-’em-off-their-feet kiss, or simply a sincere note in the sugar bowl, the effect is the same.


    If not for John, I would probably not be here posting this.
    I’d have to find a medium to get my message through.
    He saved my life. Period.



    “He saved my life” could easily have been another choice on the poll. Reading through the comments on the petition, you often read that he has done that for people, stopped them from wanting to end it.


    Dave, my husband, told John in person that he
    had stopped him from killing himself. It was a
    pretty emotional moment….I think John was
    touched. :-)

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