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    I dedicate this perfect day to you, Mother…

    It’s been four years today since I have heard your voice.
    Four years today since I felt your touch or smelled your hair.
    Four years today since I heard you call my name or felt your hug.
    Four years today since I touched your face or saw your smile.
    Four years today since I held your hand and let you go.
    Four years today since I sat by your side and made that choice.

    A lot has happened in those four years since I last saw you.
    You would be so proud of where I am.
    You would be so proud of where I have been and where I am going.
    You would be so proud of how far I have traveled down this path.
    You would be so proud of who I have finally become.
    You would be so proud to see me strong and know I will continue.

    Like any parent you loved me and hoped you raised me right.
    I learned from you what it means to live life to the fullest.
    I learned from you what it means to be compassionate and help others.
    I learned from you what it means to make the right choices
    I learned from you what it means to admit mistakes when I fail.
    I learned from you what it means to persevere and always fight.

    Because of you, I am strong now and know I can do this on my own.
    Today, for you, I will make good decisions and make you proud
    Today, for you, I will be committed and reach my goals.
    Today, for you, I will inspire others like you inspired me.
    Today, for you I will try harder, work diligently, and love more.
    Today, for you I will dedicate this perfect day and show you how I’ve grown.

    Missing you … I dedicate this perfect day.



    :tissue: How beautiful (((Lori)))!:hearts:

    Paula Mae

    AWWWWWW… that it is.. Beautiful!!! :hearts::hearts:


    Oh, Lori, what a wonderful tribute to your mom. She’s probably feeling around for tissues right now. No doubt you’ll be getting a “Thanks, dear,” any time. Wait for it.



    I know she must be very proud!!!!



    I did get my “thanks dear” rather quickly. :) I have a friend that occasionally will give me bits and peices of “messages”…

    Not even an hour after I posted this she sent me the following email:

    started thinking about you today and heard…..Do those things for YOU, not for me. You are strong now and have always been strong. I have been proud of you every single day of your life and I still am. I love you and I am with you always. Observe Chris, something is going on with him. Things will not always be as they are now. You will have all the support you need for whatever you choose to do. Never feel lonely for me, I am no more than a thought away. Ask for a sign and I will show you I am near. Does this mean anything to you?

    She did not know about the poem or the anniversary. She also didn’t know that I am dealing with Chris’ first “girlfriend” fiasco or the fact that I am struggling right now with the decision of going back to school full time. :)

    Amy Rose

    Beautiful poem Lori!! Very cool about your friend’s message to you. How special!!!
    The otherside never ceases to amaze me. :)


    Sorry to be so late responding. I’ve been in a Reconnective Healing workshop and have missed a day or so of Friends’ stuff.
    Not crowing but am delighted to be right about your getting a response to your lovely poem. Moms remain moms for all eternity. So you won’t be alone as you make your decision about school and help Chris through his first heartbreak. But then you’ve always known that, huh?
    Hang in there, pussycat!!!


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