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    to me the neatest thing about all john’s books is to see how his path unfolded before him, the regular old ups and downs we all go through, the moments of glory and tragedy admist periods of wandering and wondering. the tug of his guides this way and that, the need to trust and have faith despite not “really” knowing for sure…forging ahead knowing that it would be clear in retrospect, and also how his guides worked through other people around him.

    it reminds me to wake up in my own life and pay attention. it’s so easy to get lazy and fall asleep, but john’s writings help me remember i came here to do something, and I need to keep getting up every morning and doing what i do….enjoy the ride but pay attention to the road signs that i see hear and feel every day, that are evidence that there is a direction and a purpose to being here.

    I’ve rarely read a book in which someone so openly described the reality behind their own life. I can’t wait for the next one.

    Pam B

    Greetings to all!!

    I just finished the book myself, and I absolutly loved it! It made me laugh, it made me cry and I can’t wait to read it again! From his trials and tribulations (John…a VET????) to his co-host dilemma(He really doesn’t need one…Bonnie is SO right…) I was mesmerized. If we come up with a chat..let me know! I’d love to join in!

    Tigra del Strega


    Originally posted by TigradelStrega
    If we come up with a chat..let me know! I’d love to join in!
    -Tigra del Strega

    Why, glad you asked, Tigra! We do have a weekly chat (see belo and the link at the bottom of the page) that is geared towards CO, the seminars, info at large, media appearances, written works, etc. Please feel free to join in! Yardbird (Laura J.)


    :jumper: :jumper: I loved it I loved it!! I finished it a little more then a week ago. it only took me just at 3 days to read it (would have taken less but mind you I couldn’t lock the kids in the darn closet!! ;) anyway,, I am not sure I can add much more then what you all have said, except not only did I laugh, but I also cried, and felt so ,, there..
    I think JE is an amazing person. He is just a bit yonger then myself, we were born the same year and lost loved ones the same year, within a month of each other. I so baddley want to meet JE (as I know most us us feel that way) I don’t feel the need to defend his work, any more then he does, but I do back him up and ask that people respect him, at least in front of me. His books are awesome,,, uplifting and so easy to read, read “what if god were the sun” in less then 2 days time. they have such a deep message,,
    I can’t wait to see him in person someday.. :)

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