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    Hi Everyone,

    Just came back from the “Celebrate Your Life” conference in Chicago. Just wanted to let you all know I received a reading from John Holland. It was awesome. My Dad came through loud and clear.

    I purchased the CD and will post my reading and those of two others. Give me a day or two.

    I’m one tired lady…..

    :dance: :banana: :dance:



    (((((Katherine))))) I’ve been waiting to find out you got safely home. Everyone is going to love your report! I still get tears of joy that it happened to you.:hearts:

    Pam B

    ((((( Katherine ))))) !!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

    How wonderful for you and your family!

    Can’t wait to hear the details, and how your life is changed by it! :hearts:


    (((Katherine))) That’s awesome!!! :hearts:


    :hearts: (((Katherine))):hearts:


    (((((Katherine))))) I’m SO happy for you and your family! :love: Looking forward to hearing all about it whenever you’re ready! :wave:

    :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

    That is great news ! I am happy for you . Can’t wait to hear all about it.


    I still can’t believe it; John Holland gave me a reading at the Celebrate Your Life Conference in Chicago. How amazing is that?

    Before I begin I want to tell you what happened several days before I left for Chicago. My sister Janet and I were discussing the possibility of being able to manifest your desires if you just put it out there. We decided to give it a try.

    I stated, “I will get a reading from John Holland. It will be concise. No dilly-dallying around. I don’t want to just think it is Dad or Mom I want to know. I need to be hit over the head by a 2×4.”

    Janet responded, “Yes, Dad needs to say this is William Joseph Conty.”

    Janet went on to say, “Don’t limit yourself Katherine. Be ready for anyone. It could be Mimi, Auntie Cha…”

    I smiled and said, “It could even be Larry.” (Larry was my first love when I was 13.)

    When I left for the conference I was filled with anticipation and excitement.

    On June 23rd my friends, Gail, Jo and I entered the Grand ballroom to hear John Holland’s presentation on, Power of the Soul – Inside Wisdom for an Outside World. He would end his talk by giving a few readings.

    John’s presentation was outstanding and to learn more about it go to the post on “Celebrate your Life Conference.” Gail is doing a wonderful job of posting about the entire conference. Go Gail.

    At the end of the readings I will give you my thoughts, my feelings the synchronicity of the three readings and the wonderful things that happened after. My feeling is that it is important for you to see how one reading flowed into another and continued to do so. I know this is long but I hope you enjoy it.

    JH…This is the part when I come to you that you forget who you are, who you are with, your name, your husband’s name, your family name. I came to a woman and said you have three kids? She said, I have no children. The three kids were right there and said, Maw!!! Laughter…. this happens because why? You are in shock.

    Remember you also could be a messenger for someone else. I could come to you to give a message to your best friend’s mother. But you say I paid money for my people. Laughter. We are human and I understand that but they are going to use you to get to somebody else. Another thing anyone can come through so think beyond your family and guys’ mother in laws are big.

    I came to a woman once and asked who’s Jack? She said we called him John. I said we have a Jack here he’s coming through. She said I don’t want him. I said darlin he has a message for you. She said I have a message for him. I said I think I know what it is lady.

    But you know what it was it was a guy who was a very abusive father, an alcoholic. She was with her son and he was coming through to apologize to the kid. He never got the message. Message undelivered. She did not want to hear it. She came to my book-signing table and said I wanted my mother. I said darlin I know that. She said I didn’t want to hear from him I wanted to hear from my mother.

    Do you know how hard it is for a spirit from the other side to come down to my level, impress me with that and then she didn’t want to hear it. Message undelivered.


    Is Bill over here? Bill? Are you Bill?

    Bill: Yes

    JH: All right. Remember this is how I work if I give you a name it doesn’t have to be someone who has died. Ok Bill, your Dad’s gone yes?

    Bill: Yes

    JH: Who are you with darlin?

    Bill: By myself

    JH: OK If I come to you Bill and I give you a name it doesn’t have to be someone who has passed away it could be somebody living so don’t just think someone who has died. So as I was talking to the audience I was being told to go to the right and ask for Bill. Bill has he been gone for a while?

    Bill: Yes

    JH: Ok he makes me feel like I’ve been over here for a while. Have you ever been to a medium Bill?

    Bill: No

    JH: At least you know your name. Laughter

    Bill: My Dad died when I was ten.

    JH: A while, ok. Your sister is still here though?

    Bill: Nope

    JH: She passed?

    Bill: Yep

    JH: Ok, so he’s saying mention the sister, mention the sister. Am I right in saying Mum is here?

    Bill: No

    JH: I’m only getting the Dad talking about the sister. It doesn’t mean that your Mum doesn’t love you it just means that you get the Dad right now. Ok? Do you still remember him Bill?

    Bill: Oh yea.

    JH: Because I am curious to why he is saying to me now….You have fed the medium…. so I can’t give it to you. Because he is making me aware that I should have told him that I loved him more. I should have hugged him more. So that means to me sometimes you have a Dad that grows up with you as an adult that doesn’t give that to you but he’s probably talking about because he wasn’t here. No he is telling me I’m wrong. I love when they correct me. He’s still saying here too, when he was 10 do you remember him being a loving Dad?

    Bill: No, he was gone a lot.

    JH: I should have told him I loved him more. You’re a dad now Bill?

    Bill: Yes

    JH: Is it the two boys and a girl?

    Bill: Yes

    JH: Lot of people are thinking now wow he’s cool. No, his Dad has to give me the information. Where is your wife Bill?

    Bill: Divorced

    JH: See what I just did (he had motioned with his arms as if brushing her aside). He’s pushing her out of the picture. It doesn’t mean she is going anywhere it just means at an energetic level you are divorced or separated. Is one of your kids the nurse or the doctor?

    Bill: I’m a doctor and my daughter is a doctor.

    JH: When I see the Red Cross that always means medical. See your Dad knows what he is doing. This is very strange, I don’t know why I’m getting this was anyone a pilot? Was there a plane incident? Say no.

    Bill: No

    JH: It may be for someone else sitting over here. It’s something about a plane, pilot or something else here. Ok…getting back to your Dad here. Why is he jumping up and down also here? First of all he knows he’s a grandfather. Was your wife pregnant four times?

    Bill: No

    JH: You’ve got siblings because he’s talking about other grandchildren?

    Bill: Yes

    JH: Who else is like a son to you? Who is not your blood.

    Bill: I’ve got a nephew and a niece

    JH: Ok would your nephew be related to him?

    Bill: Yep

    JH: All right he’s talking about your four and I have to leave it just like that. Why is he saying happy birthday? We are in the month of June.

    Bill: The closest is July.

    JH: How close to June? July what?

    Bill: July 3rd

    JH: Happy Birthday. Laughter…Happy Birthday. If you said to me December is my birthday I would say No that is you making it fit. If your birthday is in a week. Is that your birthday in a week?

    Bill: No, my son’s

    JH: Is your son still here

    Bill: No

    JH: He’s passed.

    Bill: Yes

    JH: Ok, see they are going to get me to do this. Look what I was saying before one son, somebody different. I’m not getting the son. Just happy birthday. This is all the Dad, he’s got your kid, and he’s watching the whole time. What kind of doctor are you?

    Bill: Gynecologist, obstetrician

    JH: OK were you in another field before this?

    Bill: No

    JH: Were you going another way? He’s showing me you had two paths and you chose this one. Were you going to be another kind of doctor or something?

    Bill: I’m debating now

    JH: This is just a message Bill, not really deep it just means that your dad is still with you. Who has the migraines? Or who passed from the head injury?

    Bill: My oldest son

    JH: Yea, I’ve got this pain here (he touches his head) they don’t have this any more. Is your son gone less then three years?

    Bill: No, 1991

    JH: Am I right in saying, fast passing?

    Bill: Yes

    JH: Tell him I felt no pain. There was no pain, I went fast. If you are Bill, is he Bill or is Dad Bill? I’m hearing William and Billy.

    Bill: No that is just me. I’m the only Bill

    JH: Who is William Joseph?

    Katherine: Oh, my God that is my Dad.

    JH: Passed?

    Katherine: Yes

    JH: Are you relating to some of this?

    Katherine: Yes. My birthday

    JH: When darlin?

    Katherine: I can’t think, it’s during your workshop on. I can’t think. My friend Jo shouts out Monday. I say Monday.

    JH: whose birthday, yours or his?

    Katherine: Mine

    JH: Sorry Bill. See how I get mixed up. Just take the love from him Bill. He’s got a good eye on your kids. But you know what so you got two kids. I gotta ask you Bill, now remember it’s personal. Is one of these kids out of your life? Does there need to be making up there.

    Bill: My son is struggling.

    JH: Because I feel like your father is trying to push the family together. Back into a loving unit family. So your Dad is doing what he can. They can’t arrange things on the other side that take away our lessons here but God knows they can influence you and send the love to help you with this ok. Your Dad is still there.

    JH: Ok let’s talk to Billy Joseph, William Joseph right here. I’m hearing William, of course when I hear William I think of Bill. William Joseph is who darlin?

    Katherine: William Joseph is my father.

    JH: What is your name?

    Katherine: Katherine.

    JH: I knew that. Just breathe. Just breath. Laughter. See how they jump in. You just happen to be sitting across from Bill there. Everyone is sitting there for a reason. It makes the job easier for a medium. Laughter…It does. It could be the children’s section, the Dad’s section, and the AA section. I’m telling you. Laughter.

    JH: Katherine why New York Bill. Why New York?

    Katherine: My father’s mother, parents immigrated to New York. His mother lived in New York.

    JH: Are you ready to talk to Dad?

    Katherine: I’m here to talk to anybody….laughter….

    JH: Katherine is your sister still here.

    Katherine: Yes

    JH: He’s saying to me how’s my girls. That means to me always you are his daughters or sisters. I’m not getting boys yet. OK. Are you one of three girls? Or three kids.

    Katherine: One of three girls.

    JH: Ok you are all still here?

    Katherine: Yes sir.

    JH: When I see Charlie’s Angels. That’s three girls.

    Katherine: Oh wow, that’s Daddy

    JH: I see the old Charlie’s Angels. I asked someone from Hay House do you even know who Farrah Fawcett is? And she said isn’t she the woman in the poster with the bathing suit. When I see that, your Dad is acknowledging his girls. OK. Your Dad is also making me aware, did he do military service?

    Katherine: Yes sir

    JH: Because I have to give you. This is a proud man. Lot of love. You and your Dad got along. Yes.

    Katherine: Yes sir

    JH: When I feel a father’s love it’s a gift for me because I didn’t get it as a kid. And I think, oh that’s what that feels like. So you are giving me a gift the two of you are, the love goes right through me. Thank you….clapping
    He’s making me aware he points to his arm, was he a captain, lieutenant, what was he?

    Katherine: Sergeant

    JH: Because he says don’t forget my stripes. Do you understand, don’t forget my stripes. This is him good personality. I like his energy. I love his energy. Your Mum has passed also?

    Katherine: Yes sir

    JH: She’s off in the back though. It’s like you do it. Laughing…I don’t know how she was here but she is saying you do it. Katherine, did you just sell the house or are you moving?

    Katherine: We are trying to sell his house.

    JH: Yes, who did you come with?

    Katherine: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (One of those moments…Gail raises her hand).

    JH: And we have never met, right? We have never talked?

    Katherine: No sir

    JH: Call me John. I’m not my Dad. All right, Ok…. Laughter But your Dad is making me aware and remember they are not going to sell the house for you but I see it going on a psychic level. He’s not saying it’s going to sell in June or July. I just feel you are going to sell it. OK

    Is your husband passed?

    Katherine: No sir

    JH: Living?

    Katherine: Yes Sir

    JH: Uh, really?

    Katherine: Please he was alive when I left him….laughter….

    JH: Ok, No….I love when they say that. Well he was alive when I left.

    Katherine: Laughing….He was when I left….Laughter

    JH: Oh, God…Laughing….Katherine, I get another gentleman coming through that feels like a husband to me so I don’t know If you had another love or you were going to marry somebody else. This feels like a best friend or a partner or a lover kind of feeling. OK

    Katherine: Yea, yes.

    JH: Laughing we’ll leave that alone?

    Katherine: No, No you can keep going I don’t know if it was my first love. And you are talking Jr. high.

    JH: Exactly But that person has passed?

    Katherine: Yes

    JH: In your life please is Dianne, Danny or Donald connected to you please.

    Katherine: Danny is my son, Daniel.

    JH: You see, I always test them. She doesn’t understand that give me something that is positive so they pop up with a DN name. I didn’t say who is Bob, Joe, Harry. This is your Dad.

    I got this first love coming through here also because I’m seeing a heart to heart connection in here. (Touching his heart). I don’t know if this is you darlin but big into American Indians or something. There is an American Indian connection. I don’t do guides per se all right but I believe in them and I know we have help. I had another medium tell me my guide is Grey Cloud. I’m like couldn’t it be like rainbow or laughter…I have this whole American Indian thing with you. If that makes sense.

    Katherine: It’s Canadian Indian, Songheese

    JH: Ok OK Your Dad is also saying to me you aren’t playing anymore? He motions like he is playing the piano.

    Katherine: No, I’m not.

    JH: I know he’s telling me. Laughter Why aren’t you playing anymore?

    Katherine: I don’t have my piano anymore

    JH: I don’t care if you borrow someone else’s. Remember I said what fuels your passion darlin. Did you enjoy playing piano?

    Katherine: I just enjoy music. Period.

    JH: Yea you use music. I don’t know if you saw Sonia do her thing but music should be a big part of you it moves you. OK…I don’t want to ask how old you are.

    Katherine: 66

    JH: 66

    Katherine: On MONDAY Laughter

    JH: You look good. Laughter. I’m getting that you are never too old to start anything. You are never too old to start. Take the love from the Dad OK. I’m glad he gave it to me as William Joseph because it makes BANG it goes right to you. But you have to thank that Bill (pointing to the Bill he read first) because his Dad helped your Dad. Come through. OK…Thank You…Applause…Applause

    JH: Where is my Deborah? (Deborah is John’s assistant)

    Deborah: I’m right here.

    JH: Bill this is Katherine

    I went over to Bill and gave him a hug.

    Deborah: Beautiful

    JH: I’m coming up here. As I’m talking to Katherine about her Dad and her work and everything else. I have a drowning. There is someone who passed in a drowning. I’m with this woman in the green. You see I know where I’m going. Remember everyone can benefit from these messages. If some of this sounds familiar for you it’s your people trying to get in on the message.

    Woman: His name was Bill

    JH: See they are making it easy for me. Bill, Bill and Billy. That’s Bill, Bill, Bill…it works for me. This would be family please?

    Woman: Yes, my brother.

    JH: What is your name darlin?

    Woman: Anita

    JH: Anita, the reason why I’m asking is because you could be a neighbor but I feel that family heart connection. You said this is your brother.

    Anita: Yes

    JH: Will you say your name again for me?

    Anita: Anita

    JH: You lost your Mom Anita?

    Anita: Yes

    JH: Your brother is saying, I got Mom, I got Mom. Laughter That means to me that the brother passed before the mother?

    Anita: Yes

    JH: So you know who met her over here. I love your brother’s energy. How long ago was this please?

    Anita: 11 or 12 years ago.

    JH: Lot of energy this guy. I thought I was hyper. He was very excited to come through. And he wanted to let you know I got your mom. I don’t know where your Dad is. I’m not getting anything on that. I have to be honest.

    Anita: He has crossed too.

    JH: Did Mom pass after Dad?

    Anita: Yes, I was ten

    JH: You were ten too, just like Bill. Why don’t you all go have coffee….laughter Think about it. Synchronicity that this is happening.

    Anita: And my father’s name was William Harry

    JH: Your mom is making me aware with your brother. How long ago did the Mom pass please?

    Anita: four years

    JH: I don’t know if you have been thinking about her. I know some people demand that their loved ones come through. You better come through, I paid good money here. Laughter…She wanted to come through here today. Say your name one more time.

    Anita: Anita

    JH: I need to hear your voice. Where is alcoholism?

    Anita: My Mom

    JH: When I see a whisky bottle that means to me alcoholism. She’s telling me I didn’t drink whisky. I say I know that is just a sign for me. I get your Mom is a kind woman though darlin.

    Anita: Wonderful

    JH: I’m not getting her as a hard woman.

    Anita: Right

    JH: Soft energy

    JH: Are you from California? I see California written above you.

    Anita: NO

    JH: So that means to me watch for the California connection.. That doesn’t mean for you to pack your bags and go because John Holland said. Laughter.

    Without even looking at you, because we are always accused of looking at body language. Your brother, he’s the only one that passed in the drowning? Am I right?

    Anita: Yes

    JH: Would you understand if he is taking on responsibility for that drowning?

    Anita: Yes. Should I tell you what it was?

    JH: No, let him do it.

    Anita: All right. You go brother….laughter

    JH: Remember the power is going through me. I was stupid…

    Anita: Right

    JH: I was stupid, so whatever he did he is taking responsibility. It might have been an accident but he is taking a big part of the responsibility of part of why this happened. He’s saying my fault, my fault as opposed to a ship going down like the Titanic but he’s making me aware I did this. Can you tell me why he would be saying that?

    Anita: He was in Idaho, around Salmon, Idaho. That was a dream come true for him. He was a retired policeman because he lost sight in his eye. But he was always jumping from one thing to another. So when he got to Idaho, it was beautiful, he could hunt and all of this but he always had his little hobbies. His motorcycles, his toys, he had a hang glider up there but again through the policeman a very loving, giving person and this woman had said that she had thrown her two year old daughter off a bridge so they were searching for this little toddler and then my brother on his day off on a Sunday said I’ll get my hang glider and I will be able to see.

    JH: He’s doing it as favor

    Anita: And they found the hang glider had apparently hit a wire. And in my family my sister and I can just hear him going “Oh, shit” Like that but then they found it.

    JH: So he was trying to help somebody else. So you see why he said he was stupid. Meaning maybe he took a chance he shouldn’t have, should have brought someone else. I kind of feel bad that he was doing it for the kid. But I do feel he wasn’t prepared for what he was doing. Ok, in this way there. But he is still alive. He’s a wise ass too by the way. Laughter.

    Anita: Oh, yes he is.

    JH: I’m not getting this angelic being. Everyone thinks that when your loved ones pass that you turn into this angelic being. We do elevate though. He busts your chops joking. He’s also making me aware of when the phone rings and nobody is on it.

    Anita: OK

    JH: It’s your brother.

    Anita: Thank you. It happened several times.

    JH: Many people are getting calls now after they lost someone and the phone rings and they see the person’s number on the caller ID even though the person doesn’t have the cell phone anymore. One last thing. Is there a priest or a nun in your family?

    Anita: Not in my family. But I am principal of a Catholic School.

    JH: You are?

    Anita: Yes

    JH: OK…when I see penguins it means priests or nuns…lots of laughter. Instead of me trying to figure it out the spirit just gives me the penguin and I know that is my priest or nun. It’s telling me that is what you do or you have people in your family that are a priest or nun. One more thing. Is George connected to you? Or watch this, or Washington?

    Anita: That is my birthday February 22nd

    JH: Is that George Washington’s Birthday?

    Anita: Yes…clapping

    JH: Cool more clapping…Your thinking now that was cool. Did I do it? No. He had to show me George Washington chopping down the cherry tree. I didn’t know whether to go for George Washington or the fruit tree. Yet…You see.

    Anita: And that is from my brother who never remembered my birthday…laughter.

    JH: God bless you darling.

    Anita: See his little smart way…laughing and clapping

    JH:….Have a fantastic night…God Bless.


    Yes, I was the deer in the head lights. I couldn’t remember my birthday. So many things did not even occur to me until the reading was over.

    Remember when Bill said he was the only Bill: Well, my father’s name is William, my Son’s name is William and my grandson’s middle name is William. Nope folks, it didn’t register with me at the time.

    Then I couldn’t remember my birthday. How brilliant is that?

    When he told Bill about a break in the family, sorry to say there has been one in mine. My youngest sister is estranged from the family. Dad being the loving, Italian father he is would want us to be together again. I will be sending her the CD.

    Dad and Mom watched Charlie’s Angels. And remember Charlie called his angels girls, well that’s what my Dad always called us “My Girls”.

    Dad said don’t forget the stripes. Dad was a proud WWII Vet and reached the rank of Technical Sergeant 4. His rank is not listed on his memorial stone and I have always been upset about that. Apparently he is too. Guess I will have to see if I can get that corrected.

    John talked about the love between my Dad and me. I was born just prior to WWII. My Dad was, is and always will be my hero.

    Mom being off in the back edging him forward, would be exactly what my Mom would do. I feel my Mom around all the time. I’ve never really felt my Dad and on Father’s Day I asked him for a sign any sign just to let me know he was there.

    I’m not surprised that he acknowledged my son, his grandson, Daniel. Daniel wrote to his grandfather once a week from 1999 (when my mother died) until 2005 when his grandfather crossed over. Daniel gave the eulogy at both his grandmother and grandfathers funeral. That picture you see as my avatar was taken by Daniel and was on my Dad’s memorial card. Daniel would share his incredible photographs of wildlife and his wild and wooly adventures when writing to his grandpa. His grandfather kept them all.

    When my first love Larry crossed over I was at a movie watching the Notebook with my sister. When the movie was over I told my Sis that I kept thinking of Larry. She said she did too. I hadn’t seen Larry since high school. When I arrived home Leonard told me about Larry’s death and I broke down like a baby. I told my husband only three men in my life loved me unconditionally, my Dad, him and Larry. My sweet husband couldn’t have been more understanding.

    I am so embarrassed about not realizing the American Indian connection. Yes, my grandmother was born and raised on the reservation in Canada but I don’t think that was what Dad was referring too.

    I live in Taos for goodness sake. Taos, means Red Willow in Tewa. My sister has worked at the Pueblo for the last two years. The Taos Pueblo is the oldest, continuous inhabited Pueblo in North America. I was the first hospice volunteer allowed at the Pueblo. I have Indian friends and they have told me that I am one of them. Psychic amnesia.

    John mentioned his guide was Grey Cloud and he wished it could have been Rainbow. Rainbows are a sign from my mother. “Hello” Heaven to Katherine.

    The piano that was mentioned, that I no longer have, belonged to my Grandmother from Canada. She had learned to play the piano and violin in Catholic school and my love of music came from her and my mother.

    In Anita’s reading her brother died in Idaho, my son Daniel lives in Idaho. She is principal in a Catholic School. I worked in a Catholic School for twelve years. Anita’s birthday is on the 22nd guess what my favorite number is…Bingo…not only that I was born at 2:22.

    Now for the grand finale. Remember when John mentioned in Bill’s reading about a pilot, jet planes and that the message might be for someone else. Then in Anita’s reading he mentioned California was written above her head. Well on my way home from Chicago a nice, 46 year old man had the seat next to me. I was trying to pull my aura close in so that I wouldn’t have to talk but that wasn’t to be. Eric started up a conversation with me and although I didn’t realize it at the time this would be the cherry on top the sundae. Eric told me he was a pilot, his whole family had been born and raised in California. He brought out his laptop and showed me the jets he flew. He told me his father had died. I wanted to tell him about my reading but was afraid I’d sound flaky. I finally asked him if he had ever seen UFO’s when piloting a plane. He said many times and that not to let anyone tell me there isn’t something bigger than us out there. I finally told him about my reading from John Holland. He knew about John Edward and had read all his books. I gave him the names of John Holland’s books. He looked at me and said, “ I wish we would have talked about this sooner I needed to hear that, I really needed to hear that.” Message delivered, message received.

    Thank you to all those on this side and all those on the other side that made my 66th birthday one I will cherish forever.

    :hearts: With Love,:hearts:


    I am sooo pleased to have been with you during this incredible reading.:hearts:


    Wow … thanks for sharing (((Katherine))):hearts: . That was truly wonderful … and you said Anita’s b-day was the 22nd and you were born at 2:22 … Anita’s birthday is actually 2/22 LOL Your readings all had such incredible synchronicity … and talk about icing on the cake … the plane ride home!!! Very cool!:dance:


    Awwwww….((((Katherine)))) What a great reading! And what a wonderful plane ride home! :hearts: Thanks so much for sharing.


    (((((Katherine))))) What a fantastic experience…and what a fantastic birthday gift! :cake2: Looks like you definitely got your :cake1: this time!



    :tissue: Incredible, I am just speechless. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your experience with us. I felt like I was there. What amazing synchronicity on so many levels. :love: :love: :love:


    What an unexpected gift to the pilot! :tissue: Way to go John; and Erics’ dad. :cool: Great messenger service, Katherine! :thumbsup:

    Your reading was so spot on – it never ceases to amaze me. How very special that your family reached out so well to say hello! Thanks to all of Katherine’s loved ones – job well done! :hearts: Thanks John for being the messenger. :love: Thanks Katherine for sharing all of it with us. :clap:

    Bright Blessings

    Pam B

    *** goosebumps ***

    Welcome to the “”rewired” club Katherine — that’s what happens to you when you receive a reading like this.

    It just changes you for life and lifts you to a new level, at least it did for me.

    thank you so much for sharing not only your peice of the pie, but the cherry on the top of the sundae as well :banana: :banana: :banana: :hearts:

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