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    Oh my, I just had an AHA moment!!!!

    I thought Eric, the pilot, needed to hear my story because of his Dad and he may have.


    He asked me, “Do you know about the plane that went down in Lake Michigan with a transplant team a month ago? The team were friends of mine.”

    I didn’t remember that conversation until this morning. :tissue:


    PS: He also told me the man that was to receive the transplant received one a week later. And is doing fine. Eric also volunteers to fly mercy missions. He told me the name of the organization but I’m sorry, I can’t remember.






    :eek: Oh wow, Katherine! :tissue: Amazing…absolutely amazing! Hurray to the OS for orchestrating the whole thing. Wow! :love: :love: :love:


    :hearts: Just saw this in an email and thought it was perfect for your post, Katherine. And of course we already know there are no coincidences!

    “Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.”


    Hope you don’t mind if I post another AHA moment!

    Last night I was saving pictures to my computer and I noticed a document I had saved “WILLIAM JOSEPH” I clicked on it and was immediately reminded of a project I put on hold for a few months. Anyway this document was the introduction to my Dad’s section of my project. I had listed important dates for him birth, graduation from high school etc. When I read what I had typed for his military service I had left out his rank. REMEMBER he said “Don’t forget my stripes.” I thought, OMG that is what you were referring to, not your memorial stone. I’m sure I finally have it right.

    Another AHA moment: John’s last name is HOLLAND, so is my youngest sister, I was referred to as the “War Baby” and my middle sister worked at the Taos Indian Day School. So you see all three of us were represented in the reading.

    I’m slowly coming down from my high and entering into the real world but it has been wonderful. And I know I will never feel the same again.


    Katherine;135523 wrote:
    …And I know I will never feel the same again.

    You are so right about that, Katherine! And that’s a GOOD thing! :)

    What a great validation for you! It’s those “a-ha!” moments later on that just keep confirming what you already know. I’m really happy for you! :hearts:


    Wow, Katherine! Keep posting those “a-ha” moments. We love to read about them. :hearts: Thanks for sharing!


    Gotta LOVE those AHAs ….:hearts:


    (((Katherine))) –

    I am just catching up with your post. What an incredible reading! I am so happy for you.:hearts:

    Thanks for sharing all of the details. I felt like I was in the room with you, just like when I saw John last October. He has this incredible energy that I’m sure many of us are relating to as we read your words. How special that you got to deliver a message to Eric on the plane home! The synchornicities between all 3 of the readings were incredible too.

    Cherish this most wonderful experience and let it lift your life to the next level! :love:

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