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    show will be this Thursday 1/12/06 on InDemand at 9 EST, 6 PST for anyone who might want to catch it with the 2006 predictions. :wave:

    Pam B

    So you’re a Glynis fan, ‘eh? Why? :)


    Hee-hee!! :hearts: Pam!! I like how she looks at first and last names or the name you use, and not the whole birth name. I’ve always felt more comfortable thinking of myself as a 7 and not an 8. I really admire the 8 energy but for me personally, I feel like I was left out of that loop big time! :rolleyes:

    Pam B

    My husband turned me on the George Noory. Jeff had a USA Today paper route and used to listen to him at 3am in the morning. He’d come home all excited about this topic or that, ESP to aliens to conspiracy theories.


    Sounds like me!! :D One thing to the next!! And not enough time to get it all in. :P Today is working on my post count day.. :dance:

    Some of the predictions are really out there, so you have to look close.. :lwink:


    I really like Glynis McCants.

    I really have some serious trouble over some of her statements.

    See how I’m torn? And this issue I have with her ties in with some other threads here where we’ve been discussing the very real need for any psychic, medium, astrologer…any kind of reader… to do their job responsibly.

    I don’t agree with everything JOHN EDWARD. But I DO respect the way he always says it’s not about him. We can access the same energy as he can. He doesn’t have all the answers. He doesn’t know what heaven is like because he can’t remember being there. And on and on. I like that about him.
    He admits he doesn’t know everything. That we can find answers ourselves. That we can be our own source of inspiration and enlightenment.

    These items of thought are the very same reason I don’t like Sylvia Brown and why I believe she causes hurt and destruction and dependancy in her path she has set for herself. Her way of reading ,in my opinion, would lead some people who haven’t studied the spiritual because of ignorance, laziness, or just not having enough time for it…they may take the easy way out and just blindly believe everything this woman says. I believe Sylvia is making lots of heavy karma for herself by what she tells people to do, how to act, what to believe, and where to go for health issues.

    Which brings me back to Glynis. I receive her e-mail newsletter. I think she’s terrific. I’ve heard her on the radio and in this media she’s also really very, very good. Funny, fast, and informative. Being in radio myself… I know that’s a winner!

    Several months ago, right after the conclusion of the Michael Jackson case, Glynis wrote a blurb in her newsletter concerning the innocence of Michael. She very strongly alluded to the fact that she herself had personal experience with child molestation, so she didn’t take this subject lightly. What she did go on to do was to very strongly support Michael Jackson, to state she was very happy he was found not guilty, and that she knew he would be and that he was. (found innocent and was innocent.)

    I didn’t take acception to the fact that she said this…her newsletter, her choice. But I wrote her an e-mail and told her that as sure as she was that he didn’t do it, I was certain he DID and has been doing ITfor many, many years. The difference between her and me was that no one was going to be affected by my opinion, but there were a lot of people who were going to hear her and,because of who she was, they were going to believe it as if it were gospel truth. Just because she told them so.

    Do I feel uncomfortable and non-supportive because she believes differently than I do? Probably there’s that. But there is the other, too. What consequences from her words will go out there and affect others’ lives? What responsibility do we have when we have power over others?

    When do we stop leading the way but stand aside and allow others to find their own?

    As I said, I’m torn.


    Pam B

    I don’t know anything about this particular numerologist, but I understand your being “torn” and I agree with your observations about the need to understand your responsibility and know the weight of your words. In my own small way I had to come to terms with the fact that sometimes my own words way heavier than others because of who I am am and simply what I “do” here on the internet.

    It’s NOT just a matter of expressing your own views. You do need to have a sense of humility (that John Edward certainly has,) when you set yourself up as a “content expert” whether it’s astrology, numerology, car repair or politics.

    Look at Rush Limbaugh. He’s seen as an “expert” in politics by many, but most of those folks don’t know that he has no formal education or experience in politics. He’s just an “entertainer”. But his words have a lot of weight with his fans, and they take what he says as gospel without really thinking about whether that’s smart or not (don’t get me wrong, I love to listen to Rush! :clap: )

    Look at Pat Robertson. Oy! He’s been seen as a spokesman and representative of the “conservative right” for many years now, and is the hero of fundamentalist Christians everywhere. But either he doesn’t understand the power of his words, or he understands and chooses to mis-uses that power.

    Psychics (all flavors) have the same responsibility in my view. Why in the world is a numerologist using her email list as a soapbox for her opinion on this anyway? At the lowest human level, MJ is fine cocktail party conversation with friends, family and aquaintances maybe, but why should I as a member of her email list give a hoot about what she personally thinks about MJ? Did she tie it back to numerology somehow as a teaching experience? Oh brother….

    Maybe I’m the Rush Limbaugh of the psychic world ;) :eek: :cuss:


    So, just wondering, what do you guys think of John Holland since he sometimes tours with Sylvia and he had Glynis on his show a couple of weeks ago?

    I personally adore him and I feel he’s very open minded.


    This decision of what to say when you’re in a position of responsibility covers everyone with a public forum to even numerologists and astrologers. Will you choose to be objective or will your own beliefs and convictions become part of your message? :hmm:

    It is possible to be completely objective or even truly desirable in our society? More :hmm: Even a physician might offer a diagnosis influenced by his own life experiences, although it is preferred that the physician aim for complete professionalism to avoid such conflicts. If successful, should he then use his position to pass along his message?

    In Glynis case, with her defense of Michael Jackson and from her response after the verdict was issued, I was guessing she had previously received a great deal of criticism for her interpetation of his numbers and that she was calling them as she saw them. Unless she tells us, it is probably impossible for us to know exactly how much of her individual beliefs and personal experiences are influencing what she had to say. It would seem to be a very personal and sensitive topic for her. I think Glynis is very passionate person and she was responding in that manner to what she saw as her validation. Whether it was right or wrong.

    Considering how she thinks that the top celebrity romance of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is a very strong attraction, but one that will ultimately self-destruct, it will be interesting to see how that one turns out. I would like to see them make it for the kid’s sakes, and also because I’m a romantic at heart! :) :love:

    P.S. For John Holland.. :wave:


    John Holland is good and, like JE, also a psychic medium. I suspect that the reason he’s touring with Sylvia Browne is because of Hay House. Gordon Smith, a charming Scot, also tours with her and can occasionally be heard on Hay House Radio. Both are worth a listening. John’s delivery is different than JE’s; he has a tendency to talk to the departed, letting them know he understands what they’re trying to relay, which is often funny. He’s a very good teacher. I’ve attended two of his workshops and came away knowing a lot more about what psychic ability I have and how to strengthen it. In my book, he’s a winner. I’m delighted he’s getting more exposure.

    Chassie :musicnote

    Pam B

    I also love John Holland’s work and I absolutely love to read Gordon Smith say anything at all. He’s a no-nonsense communicator.

    I don’t believe in “guilt by association”. John Edward has also appeared at the same venue with SB in the past, and I have to believe that as Chassie points out, some times authors have contractual obligations to appear at certain venues in order to help promote the entire publishing company’s books and authors.


    I don’t think it is nice to talk about anyone. You should never base your opinions on what you see on TV. If you believe in something, then you naturally are going to share it with the world. Psychics have a hard enough time in this world. There are also different forms of psychic ability. When ever a psychic becomes famous, people seem to turn on them..which is sad. A psychic does not get too far without having some sort of gift. They have too prove themselves first. Also, some people are hard to read. I think it is also up to the person, when it comes to what they choose to believe. I don’t need anyone telling me what to believe. Besides, what makes you so sure that you are correct in your beliefs. I happen to like Sylvia Browne. She has never said to anyone that her beliefs are the right choice..she always says take with you what you want and leave the rest behind. She has lessons just like anyone else in this life. She makes mistakes like the rest of us. She did Montels show as a favor to Montel. I actually like it that she is honest..I hate it when a psychic only wants to tell you the good goes both ways. I happened to have a reading with Sylvia, and I was amazed at her ability. She can give exact dates and names. during a radio show I asked a question to her and she gave me the answer, and then 4 years later I purchased a reading and without saying anything, she told me the exact same thing that she said to me on hay house radio. She may seem unfriendly to some of you, but it has more to do with trying to disconnect herself from all the energys in the room. I have had to learn to do this myself, because I became an emotional rollercoaster being around alot of people. I pick up on everyones energy. I could not imagine having millions of people wanting answers from me..You can all believe what you want, but get to know someone first before making accusations about them, because not everthing you read or see is completly accurate.


    Sara, First of all, welcome to the group!

    I was reading your post above and am not certain to whom you are speaking?

    It seems you think others have judged George or Sylvia wrongly. In this group many have different opinions and that’s great – it would be boring if we all agreed on every thing. What we don’t do, or mustn’t do is get defensive about our points of view. Your right to believe is no more important than someone else’s right to disagree.

    I hope you enjoy your time here. Please take a moment to read the forum rules as we have a few.

    Best Wishes ~


    I was replying to message number 6…I have no problem with difference of opinion, but some things are uncalled say that a person is ugly on the inside is wrong. To accuse someone of something unkind without knowing all the details is not right in my opinion. I have no problem with saying something like…I am not sure about so and so, or I am not convinced in there ability. That is a more loving way to say something about someone. I do not mean to upset anyone, I am just sensitive when it comes to hate. I believe we should all learn to love one another, and find better ways of communicating are disagreements with one another.

    Pam B

    I would not allow someone to say that another person is “ugly on the inside” on this forum, it’s against the rules — where specifically do you see that being said here?

    We have rules that have to be agreed to in order to join and post on this forum. It clearly says, “Disagree but keep it respectful”.

    If we can’t disagree, there is no reason for this forum.

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