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    It was a link to Sylvia and friends under psychics and missing persons..I guess I hit on the link given in the message and read the part about Sylvia being ugly on the inside.I appoligize, this was not written by and actual member, it was a link given by a member. This message was okay …except the karma part.

    I don’t like Sylvia Brown and why I believe she causes hurt and destruction and dependancy in her path she has set for herself. Her way of reading ,in my opinion, would lead some people who haven’t studied the spiritual because of ignorance, laziness, or just not having enough time for it…they may take the easy way out and just blindly believe everything this woman says. I believe Sylvia is making lots of heavy karma for herself by what she tells people to do, how to act, what to believe, and where to go for health issues.

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