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    just had an email of amazon uk, and they have sent our books out…so sis (dawn) watch out your book is on its way…

    oh what a great weekend we will have. 3 full hour episodes of crossing over to look forward too and the crossing over book to read…how exciting…

    as u can see, it does not take a lot to get me excited these days, i am definalty getting old…


    dawn sadler

    Yipeeee, finally, something decent to read, between crossing over shows.
    Has anyone else in the UK” got a copy yet?


    So, I was traveling this weekend to Florida for one last hurrah of the summer when my car broke down (just had it fixed a week ago, parts went bad) and I was stranded in a strange town waiting for a mechanic to open. Hung out at a book store and behold! “Crossing Over” was on the shelf. I have already ordered it and hadn’t gotten it yet. I ended up reading the first 3 chapters waiting on the car repairs. Made my life easier. Things happen for a reason, I guess I got to get started on JE’s latest early!:)

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