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    Just throwing a line in…. Animals are healers. And they perceive energy much faster and accurately than us. Story time….
    If i joined this, it is to share our story. Or Murphy’s. She is a lab, and we are her third family. We were not looking for a dog; we have dogs and cats already. We were in a shady part of town, and saw this pup. We picked it up, after a heated discussion with the lady who had her and was quite obviously frustrated. We have a big home, large yard, and love animals. My hubby was going through a tough time at work. She was so lost, they connected. A week after, my husband had a nervous breakdown. He talked about taking his life: the doctor stopped him from working right away. I had to continue teaching. I sat in tears alone and had a long talk with Murphy the lab; i explained she was in charge now. I never worried; she took control. Because of her, hubby had to walk outside everyday. She slept beside him, and to this day, 5 months later, she never leaves his side. He is returning teaching in a few weeks, and it is her doing . They are soulmates….she was put on our paths for a purpose….


    Nat, thank you for sharing such a great story with us. I believe in “puppy therapy” too. After losing my son, I suffered with depression and grief. I saw my youngest suffering as well. I decided to get him a puppy for Christmas. We ended up getting two, as he could not make up his mind. Maggie is with him at his Dad’s house and Chip is here at my house. I found that when I was at my lowest, Chip would instinctively know and come set on my lap and snuggle. He licked away more tears than I can tell you. Chip saved my life in a lot of ways. I had to get up and take care of him, take him for walks and just cuddle him. He helped me get through. It was the same for Maggie and Randy. An immediate connection formed from a place of unconditional love. <3


    Thank you for posting Murphy’s story and for your story too Psy. That is the same reason some of our returning Vets are in the pet program. The puppy or dog gives them a companion and a reason to go on. A responsibility to someone you love. It is a very important program that I hope continues. Much love.

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