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    Pam B

    While attending the John Holland workshop with 15 other friends from this community, we heard John mention his long time friend and mentor, psychic intuitive Vincent J. Barra. (John also talks about Vincent in his book, “Born Knowing”.

    I don’t think it’s any coincidence that while I was researching Internet Radio that I came across Vincent’s radio show. I listened…and I fell in love with him!

    The first part of Vincent’s radio show is dedicated to affirmations where Vincent talks about a particular affirmation, and why he needed it in his own life, and what problems the affirmation would solve for him — and for you too. His advice is to repeat the affirmation 7 times, 3 times a day.

    Vincent also does live readings for people who call in, and answers questions from people who instant message into the show. His reading style is very different, very warm and loving. You can instantly see why he and John Holland are friends. (John Holland was also a guest on Vincent’s show.)

    You can listen to Vincent’s internet two (2) hour radio show every Tuesday Evenings from 5:00pm to 7:00pm (Pacific Standard Time) on Achieve Radio at this this link:

    You can also download or steam live the archives of his show 24 hours a day, including the show with John Holland. Other shows are listed by affirmation title, such as “Affirmation Meditation for Pain” and “It’s my season to grow, develop and fulfill myself” just to name a few.

    Vincent is also a Writer, Lecturer, Educator, Numerologist and a Master Teacher of Reiki and his web site is located at where he also has a International Healing Circle, where you can join as a healer, or make a request for a healing.


    :clap: Vincent’s show is another that I regularly download to my iPod. He’s a joy to listen to. And I think he may have been a guest on John’s show as well so it would be archived. That’s how I heard about him.

    I’ll take a look and see if I can find the archive date…


    Yes, he was on John Holland’s show twice…

    Archive dates: 9/26/05…1/16/06


    Correction…He was on three times:

    Archive dates: 9/26/05…1/16/06…9/18/06


    And John Holland was on Vincent’s show about six months ago.

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