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    I got it right away!! I figured that is how they ran the episodes. I used to think that the 10:30 episodes were all old and the 12:30 ones were brand new. They they switched it around. So frustrating…but I count myself lucky that I still get CO.

    And I think I figured out why they are a day behind. A week or so ago, the courthouse here had a white powder scare that happened right around the noon hour. So, they prolly went a little longer after the noon news, but enough to knock the regular scheduling out of loop.


    I just have to add my two cents to this thread.

    Last week Monday, I had the channel for CO on at 8:30 a.m. ready to sit for 15 minutes before I left for work and some paid advertisement came on – ONE WHOLE HOUR. I was infuriated – seriously angry.

    I called the local FOX station to see who I could talk to and was finally given a name for a person more than 100 miles from me. I would have to make a long distance call.

    Well, for some unknown reason FOX in our area has decided to show CO every other day – like Tuesday and Thursday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday is a #$%^&*$%#%^^ paid advertisement.

    Man, it still makes me mad when I think about it. However, in defense of the program director I decided not to call or I would have been thrown in jail. I was not a very nice person that morning. Had to say an extra prayer – FOR MYSELF…..:o

    Just had to vent. I surely can identify with the frustration.

    I guess we need to realize that Crossing Over is slowly going away. Rotten luck. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to see John on TV again. Someday…

    A wilted Irishrose


    As everything happens for a reason…

    I can relate to all the frustrations about finding CO. Here on the West Coast, my satellite company removed the only place I was able to view John (Sci-fi). But as of today, JOHN IS BACK for us to watch…. as the channel has mysteriously reappeared!!!!! I will be able to watch for the first time in 6 months!! Also, West Coast time is making the program available at 10 p.m. I don’t have a vcr, and could not enjoy it at 1 am anyway, so I am feeling extremely grateful that my turn has come. I can’t wait to enjoy my quiet time tonight!

    Amy Rose

    hey clsue!!! glad to see you back on here!!!

    that is awesome that john is back on in your area!!!! enjoy it while it lasts!!! i will e-mail you soon! talk to you later!


    they were playing JE CO at 1 am in the morning here(free to air tv) and sometimes would change it with out notice.. i was taping one morning, and the timer cut off before the show ended.. i wasnt happy..

    and was left feeling empty cause when i looked in the TV guide, JE was gone, and James Van Praggh was on at 1030 in the morning!! ARGH:confused: :confused: :goofy: :shrug:



    Well, I’ve tried taping several different channels suggested, and I do not get Crossing Over. I’m getting a court show. And thanks, Pam, for all the listings, but my cable company does not carry those channels. The only one I get is WHP channel 21. However, I don’t get the same programs that StarlaSue gets, even though we are only 2 hours away from each other. Once again, I’m frustrated. My only hope is the SciFi channel, which I taped last night. Didn’t get a chance to check it yet. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. I still can’t believe that StarlaSue and I are so close, have the same channel, but get different programs. From 9-10 a.m. it’s Martha Stewart and Judge Joe Brown.


    UGH – sorry about that. Well, I usually tape three shows a day, JE and two others. I could set JE up on a separate tape and then after a week or so, we can meet for a cup of tea and I’ll lend you the tape!

    E-mail me.



    How frusterating, I am fortunate in that I still get it, so far all this week has been repeats. no new episodes…



    I taped a whole week of Rosanne before I realized that COWJE had been moved to an hour earlier. I hope that I get to see the episodes that I missed before the show is taken off of the air. COWJE is being promoted like crazy on my cable station, as though the program is going to continue on and not be cancelled. Why would they promote the show, and get people interested knowing that it has been cancelled? Frustration is right! :goofy:


    Wow, I’m so glad that it is staying put here at 2 pm in Jersey. I’ve started taping already and saving!!! I know I’ll need to watch when the show is off the air.

    By the way, love the colors with the new board! This weekend I’ll have to work on the picture thing. I always wondered how you guys got pictures by your names. I’ve been so busy, haven’t been on the computer much at all, except for the weekends. I’ll have to navigate around and find my way here. But Pam, it looks good!!!

    By the way, was about to post the ‘quick reply’ and found it was the bad scam box! he he I really need to learn the new board.
    Much Love,

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