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    Hi everyone! I don’t if anyone here still remembers me, but I have been hoping to see JE since 2001 when my mom passed. I was just telling my husband the other day how he was going to be in Las Vegas and said “I wish he would come to NJ!”. Well today I got an email from the Count Basie Theater that said he will be there in April!!! I thought wow, this has to be a sign! I got my tickets!!! OMG I am soooo excited!!:banana: He will be doing a book signing also! I don’t know if I will get a reading, but it will be exciting enough just to BE THERE and seeing other people get read!

    I told my husband he is going to have to sedate me so I can sleep the night before lol!

    Amy Rose

    Wow thanks for the heads up!!!! That is soooo close to my house!! Count Basie is a great venue!!! Even Bon Jovi has performed there!! Red Bank is such a fabulous town!! This is so exciting!! I will definitely have to look into that! I haven’t seen John in a few years. Is the book signing for a new book or for his old books? Thanks again for the heads up!!!:clap:

    Amy Rose

    I just looked on Count Basie’s website:

    John Edward with special guest Char Margolis
    presented by The Joan Dancy and People with ALS (PALS) Support Group

    Tickets: $300, $200, $100

    Internationally acclaimed psychic-medium, television host and author, John Edward has captivated audiences with his deeply compelling, incomparable talent.

    World-renowned psychic-intuitive, popular television guest and author, Char Margolis consistently amazes millions with her unique abilities.

    The $300 ticket includes one hour pre-show reception and book signing with both artists.

    The date is Tues April 29 at 7:30pm. Not quite sure if I can make it there since I’ll be at school.

    Red Bank is Exit 109 off the Garden State Parkway. The venue is also easily accessible through NJ Transit on the North Jersey Coast Line trains because the train station is very close to the venue. If anyone wants any other info about the area, feel free to private message me or e-mail me! Red Bank is practically my second home. I know of some great restaurants really close to Count Basie too. And the best beaches in Jersey are quite close to Red Bank too!! ;) (My favorite Metaphysical store, Earth Spirit, is also on Monmouth street.) :)



    I’m so glad Amy! It’s close to me too. I am just about 30 minutes away. We have seen a few things there. Red Bank is my absolute favorite town!!! :D

    I was so excited I didn’t even read it fully. I was in a daze and just grabbed the best seats I could for the $200 each lol. Fine by me though. Just to be in the room while he does his readings is enough for me! :)


    Well I saw JE last night and all I can say is INCREDIBLE!!!!! He was dead on (no pun intended) with everything. Even my skeptikal husband was impressed and said he is definitely more of a believer now. JE’s humor even impressed him. He said he was funnier than most comedians.

    I must admit I was star struck for the first few minutes when he came out on stage (I was up in the 4th row). Then when he started the readings I was just completely in awe. He even ended up reuniting two women in the audience that hadn’t seen eachother for about 20 years. He made a joke that was something like “See, I don’t only reunite the living and the dead, but the living and the living too.”

    No, I didn’t get read, but that was okay with me. I would have gotten a horrible bout of psychic amnesia as nervous as I would be!

    Were you there Amy Rose?

    Amy Rose

    Sounds like you had a fabulous experience Kerrbear!!!
    No, I did not attend–I ended up not getting tickets because the timing was bad for me–the end of the semester is the most hectic time of the month, and that was during peak stress time with deadlines for projects, papers and final exams. It just wasn’t in the cards for me. I’m happy for you that you had a great experience!! :)

    How was Char? I would have loved to have seen her. I think I saw her once on CNN with Larry King and she seemed like a really cool person.


    Char does seem like a really cool person, but I wasn’t as impressed with her. Her questions and answers seemed on the generic side. John, however, was right on. Seeing him on tv is great, but I can’t explain how amazing he is live. The feeling in the room itself was incredible also. I felt a sense of unity with the rest of the audience.

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