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    Amanda you will have a ton more times to see the show. Check your tv guide. I was amazed at how many times the show is on. Maybe all is not lost after all;)


    :thumbsup: Way to go John! I love the new format.


    I hope I’m allowed to talk about the show. I don’t want to spoil it if someone hasn’t seen it yet.

    First, I just love the fact that John revealed that he used to put $20 bills in his grandmas purse so she could go get her hair done. That is soooo sweet!
    I guess she couldn’t refuse if she didn’t know who it was from, although, I’ll bet she did.

    Audrey’s reading was the perfect example of the people who get read are the ones who need it most. She’d been carrying around such a huge burden for such a long time and it was so good to see her let some of it go.

    Also, the part about Krystal being able to revisit the scene of the fire and finding some keep-sakes of her family was amazing. Where before she’d thought everything had been destroyed.

    Then, theres the camera man reading.

    He seems like a big bear of guy but a total sweet-heart with a great sense of humor. I bet he’s a lot of fun as a Dad.

    The whole thing was great!:clap:

    I’m ready for the next episode! Bring it on!


    :clap: :clap: :clap:

    This morning my neighbor called and said, “Turn on your TV” John Edward is on.” “I know, but I don’t have WE:tissue: ” “Well come on over.” Did I have to be asked twice? :banana: I was out of the house in a flash.

    I love the new show….love it, love it, love it. I didn’t realize how much I had missed seeing John.

    I felt the message about “A.J.” the camera man’s dog being with his father was a “me too” message from my “Heidi” she is with my Dad.

    Now, if I can get an invite for the next 8 weeks…I have to be good to my friend:love: :love:



    ((Conty)) Ain’t friends grand:love:

    Cool that you have such a great neighbor. Next Sunday, same time, same channel. Bring brownies:D

    Pam B

    I’m emailing you Sandy, with this tip:
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    So happy to hear you’re “regular” now, Sandy. :banana:

    That should solve a lot of problems! ;)

    :love: Unicorn


    I’m very happy for you, Sandy. :) My name is Gail, the Phil part was my husband.

    After you do see the the show, we would all love reading what you thought of it. :clap:



    Ok, Pam, I did as I was told. I’m using Netscape 7.0. I deleted the cookies. Now it asked me to log in, first time all week, but it still says my last visit was 5 days ago even though I’ve been in and out a hundred times. And my post saying I didn’t know John was going to talk about us is gone?, at least on my screen. OH well….it’s all good!

    Pam B

    I hate to have to say this, but this site software is written to be optimized for IE. And it sounds like your cookies might be corrupt.

    No, your post is there.

    Pam B

    On another note, to get back on topic….

    I just finished watching the show (DV’d it and only now just got a chance.)

    I really do like the format. I think it’s more “organic”, and less contrived, if you know what I mean. Crossing Over served a great purpose, but in contrast there was the slick blue set, the spooky music and the color coordinated graphics. I understand it’s the production crew’s job to make the show look visually appealing, but there was something more down to earth about the way this new show was filmed, edited and produced.

    They aren’t going for the “oooh ahhhh” effect like Universal seemed to be. The new show simply seemed to be presenting the process, and letting the experience (for the sitter AND for JE) be the star of the show. Hence, “organic”.

    I liked it and I’ll watch it again.


    John doing the readings at the seminars is just the way he does them at all the seminars. No set ups, no acting, just John doing his usual thing. I’ve seen him live more than a few times, and he is just as he is on the new show.

    The only time we found out what the readings meant to any of those who were read was when they found us here. Now we’ll know right away. :)


    Okay, I think got it. I’m using IE, I can see all the posts now and hopefully, with this post, I’ll have a sig line? And still be regular….Did you all read what JE said about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s wardrobe? Oops, I guess that’s a different thread.


    I agree Pam !! This show seems more “his” personality. It is more real. His seminars are so much fun because his personality comes out and he is so funny. The way he explains things is great. He does talk amazingly fast !! The show is great the way he goes to the person’s house and experiences how much a reading can mean to a person or family. I think its a great idea. I wonder where it came from ;)


    I am so happy that John is back on TV. I have missed him, and I like the format.


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