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    Hey guys,
    I am so mad I could spit! On the way home from work I was listening to a radio talk show and they were talking about CO.
    Some older gent with an English accent called in and said he had been a physic for almost 50 years. He said what JE is doing is talking to demons that have possessed spirits of the dead. That is why there is never a last name or any addresses given. He says what John does has nothing to do with God, and that he is in a pact with the devil. He says the Bible states that communication with the dead is through the devil and only the devil. It really ticked me off that after all JE does to bring people peace in their lives, he is telling people that they have been spoken to by a demon, not a loved one.
    Help calm me down friends, please.
    :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Pam B

    Sansha, this is the oldest trick in the book for bible fundamentalists to comdemn anything they can’t control.

    They can’t control John Edward, so they condemn him. John Edward lets us know we can talk to God on our own, and that upsets their applecart.

    Please go straight to our “Spiritual, Religious, Scriptural” where you will find a wealth of scriptural evidence in favor of what John does.

    This is how the world works Sansha. Half the world is trying to control and manipulate the other half that just wants peace. You only have to be upset if you LET it upset you.

    Two good books to fight this kind of bible fundamentalism:

    Stealing Jesus: How Fundamentalism Betrays Christianity
    by Bruce Bawer

    And Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism : A Bishop Rethinks the Meaning of Scripture, by by John Shelby Spong

    Check out amazon’s description of these two books, or search the net for discussion about the subject.

    These people will ALWAYS be around, throwing their judgements at innocent people, and they always seem to find their way to a microphone or a camera.


    I would not worry about that Bible thumper at all. They all think the same way.

    JE does give last names out and so much more.

    There are no such things as demons!

    Every medium and psychic has to put up with Bible Thumpers, Even I personally have put up with their constant whinning about demons .

    Calm down and don’t worry, JE is not possessed!


    Pam B

    Wait a second..”last names or addresses?”….does he mean like that “Christian Faith Healer” that Randi busted? The guy’s wife was reading names and addresses off of a “prayer request card” into the guy’s ear with a hidden microphone and ear piece.

    What a hoot! Like Sprit or even GOD for that matter, is concerned about last names and addresses!


    Thanks for the replies. We here all know that JE is not a devil worshiper, or possessed. But look at the world around us. The nay sayers and that Randi guy thats always trying to disprove. We also know that before John, most of the mediums and the like were phonies. So people are going to believe what they want, no matter how much those of us here know better. I had to vent and get it off my chest, and I knew my friends here would listen, reply, and not let me down. The steam has almost passed….. :blush:


    Someone said something to me awhile back, and this situation
    brings it to mind. A friend commented to me when I was really
    upset about something similar that 1.) As we get older we need
    to learn to choose our battles very carefully, and 2.) Don’t expect
    people to change to much as they get older, because sometimes
    they just become more distilled versions of who they have been.
    They will always be there. The ignorant, the fundamentalists,
    the skeptics, etc. I think the trick is to try to learn how to not
    let them upset us, not allow them to deplete our positive energy
    with anger, and not waste time hoping or trying to change them.
    I understand your reaction. I am not putting you down. Just
    hoping you realize, with Johns higher and higher profile, there is
    more of this to come. I’m still struggling to shun the negativity.
    That’s what is great about this forum. We have a chance to in-
    ject our own brand of positivety.

    Pam B

    AMEN sista!!!! ;)


    With the rise of John’s popularity and the general awakening and new acceptance of a life after death,you can bet that the nay sayers are fixing to go into a frenzy!!Everywhere you look there will be someone either saying they can speak to the dead or declairing that it can’t be done.I really dread the mania.We will remember these as being the “good old days”. Murphy:user:


    I loved what John Edward said at the end of the syndicated Crossing Over today. He was advising people, when trying to find a psychic medium, not to dial a 900 or 800 number or Dial a Dead Person, or whatever. His sense of humor is so special, as he is himself.


    Unfortunately, my aunt is one of the bible thumpers you describe. Since I’ve been receiving messages from my grandparents (her parents) and doing meditations almost daily, I’ve been bonbarded with the ‘of the devil’ stuff.

    I’m sooo sick and tired of it too. During one of my meditations when I encountered my grandmother (past over for 20 years now) I asked her about my aunt’s religious attacks and how she wouldn’t accept any messages.

    My grandmothers response: she just smiled and said to leave it to her :)

    It’s like trying to give a winning lotto ticket to someone who’s against gambling but starving to death…. I guess we’ll just have to leave it to the other side to make believers out of them

    Pam B

    Originally posted by lagrima

    My grandmothers response: she just smiled and said to leave it to her :)

    It’s like trying to give a winning lotto ticket to someone who’s against gambling but starving to death…. I guess we’ll just have to leave it to the other side to make believers out of them

    I LOVE that analogy! Thank you!

    Your Grandmother’s response is right on, I agree with her totally. Easier said than done, but when you can finally make it the other person’s problem, and not yours, you’re really free.


    You go, Granny! I love it! :wave:

    I recently took Pam’s advice and read some of the old posts in the Spiritual/Religious/Scriptural section. There’s some very good information AND Bible quotes in there that could be helpful when dealing with such negativity.

    I actually copied and pasted quite a bit, then e-mailed to my family and friends with a note, suggesting they refer to them when approached by those who believe that what John is doing goes against The Bible.


    I work in an officewith some Fundamentalists. I work closely with two other ladies and two of us watch CO. The third watched it once just to see what we were talking about, and when we asked her what she thought, she just shrugged her shoulders as if to say “no big deal”. The problem with her is that she can’t say John is fake, but her religious upbringing won’t allow her to condone it, so she just pretends it’s no big thing.

    There are two Fundamentalist men in our office who – when the subject finally comes up, which it will – are going to have a field day with the whole subject. (They are the anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-Democrat, anti-anything that’s not them type). I refuse to listen to anyone’s opinion of John unless they have sat down and watched the show all the way through, at least twice. If they haven’t, then I don’t want to hear their opinion. :teacher:


    Okay, I’m probably opening myself up for it, but…
    I consider myself a fundamentalist. (Don’t shoot!!)
    Now, how does that figure in with what JE does? I’m still trying to figure that one out. I am about 95% sure that what John does is real. Only a personal reading would convince me 100%. I guess I just want to say to you on this board that not ALL fundamentalists are judgemental, pushy, close-minded, rude people who try to push their views on others.
    I believe that, assuming that JE can truly do what he says he does, this can still fit, somehow, with my ideas about God and Jesus Christ. I know that my God is a God of love.
    Like I said, I’m working on figuring it out. However, given the fact that I am only human, I’m not guarenteeing that I will be able to come up with a satisfactory answer for myself, let alone the rest of the world.
    Oh well, I’ll keep trying.


    Thank you for your post,
    I believe that after reading it, I recognized that I am often guilty
    of doing what I accuse others of. Stereotyping. I have usually
    held a narrow minded view that all fundamentalist are a like.
    That you can stand by your religion, and still admit to being 95%
    convienced in JE is admirable. It also proves how appropriate
    your handle is – IASeeker. That’s is I believe what we are all do-
    ing in our own unique ways – seeking.
    Thank you for your candidness and honesty.

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