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    Your Grandmother had the best resonse

    My grandmothers response: she just smiled and said to leave it to her

    I asked my Dad once for major help. Via meditation I got my answer. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but it was the truth.

    Pam B

    These are some great discussions. Wow this one goes back to 2001!!! Funny how we don’t get attacked at this group like we used to, by the fundies. Could it be they’ve realized they were fighting a loosing battle? :love:

    John Holland gave the same great insight at the seminar we attended in Chicago in October of 2006. He was asked a question that basically said, “what if I have a spirit message for someone else, and that person isn’t open?”

    He said to push it back to spirit, and tell THEM to arrange the message to be delivered. I thought that was great that he was empowering us to put it back on spirit. I think sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our spirit communicators thinking their word must be gospel, but they can get it wrong too :laff2:


    One of these days, I will have to share some of the stories from my family. As a kid growing up, some of the comments were amazing and terribly hurtful. To know deep in your heart what you believe is right and for folks with limited acceptance to dictate their views on yourself, it can be confusing. Happened in grad school too.

    I could share some funny and amazing experiences in this topic area

    Pam B

    Please do! I think it’s important to share these things, and how we respond, so others who are facing the same thing can get some ideas on how to handle this kind of thing.


    This is what I believe: Each and every one of us are on earth to complete our lessons. If we don’t complete them this time around, we’ll be back to try again. We are guided by spirits and angels each time we are on earth – trying to help us achieve our goals. To me there is too much independent evidence confirming for me to not doubt what I believe.

    Your gentleman that frustrates you so much may have to come back a few more times before he gets it right. Or…maybe we do?

    Fundamentalists and their attacks are not worth the fight, not worth the waste of spirit. You know what you believe. Believe in yourself — with grace.


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