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    Pam B

    Got this from the Robert Brown mail list:

    Message from International Medium Robert Brown: November 15, 2007

    Only 10 spaces left !!!!!!
    Spiritual Retreat and Workshops in Virginia Beach, Virginia
    with International Medium Robert Brown & Friends!

    May 3, -10, 2008

    The theme of this week long retreat will be “Mediumship-Finding the Right Balance” covering such topics as Mediumship -v- Psychic: Fine tuning our Gifts; Symbols & Vibrations; Healing Classes; Full day of Trance Mediumship tuition. We will also enjoy a tour of the Edgar Cayce A.R.E.
    Foundation where Robert has worked with some of the leading Scientists.

    Joining Robert on this Special Retreat will be Medium John Edward, from the hit TV shows, Crossing Over and Cross Country, John will conduct an afternoon of Q & A’s session exclusively for the retreat participants and will be joined by Robert Brown for a special evening of Spirit Communication., which will be open to the public.

    This retreat brings together some of the most experienced, Healers, Mediums and Psychics with attendees from all walks of life and from around the world. People seeking a better understanding of the Spiritual truths, those who may be grieving the loss of a loved one, people who have had psychic experiences and those who have had none, those who are merely curious as to how mediumship and healing work. You will find like minded people that will make you feel that you are not alone on your journey.

    If you are interested in joining us then you need to go to and download the registration form and send it in along with your deposit to guarantee your space.


    ooooo…Sounds like a great opportunity! Has anyone here studied with Robert Brown before? If so, what were the classes like?


    I’ve seen Robert Brown on three occasions, two in group seminars, one a private reading, the transcript of which is in the book. I was also read in one of the group seminars. Brown is almost as dead on – no pun intended – as Gordon Smith, interesting since their training in Spiritualist church development circles in the British Isles is almost the same. Brown can, on most occasions, “see” the departed. A writer friend had scheduled a private reading with him in the hour before mine. She came back with tears in her eyes. Brown had described her husband to a tee, down to the way he combed his few remaining hairs across his head. Brown’s a sweet man, very gentle in nature, probably in his 50’s now and has been a working medium since his 20’s. The photo on his Web site has to be umpteen years old. All that’s to say that as a medium, he’s good and has an international reputation. Can’t attest to him as a teacher, but since his week-long workshops are always at capacity, he probably ain’t bad.


    Pam B

    I can also add that John Edward is more than extremely particular about who he shares the podium with. So if John Edward works with him, that’s a huge :thumbsup:

    And the A.R.E., wow…I would LOVE to spend time there.

    Pam;137734 wrote:
    And the A.R.E., wow…I would LOVE to spend time there.

    Omg…yeah! Me too! Thanks for your input. (((Chassie and Pam))) Yeah, I can’t remember John Edward sharing the stage with too many people so that really peaked my interest. I think this is one workshop I’m going to put on my “must do” list for when the time is available.

    But I’ve already got my eye on a few other classes coming up in 2008. Like JH’s mediumship workshop…if he ever posts it to his calendar…which I hope he does…even though he’s really busy…;)

    Pam B
    Laura;137735 wrote:
    Like JH’s mediumship workshop…if he ever posts it to his calendar…which I hope he does…even though he’s really busy…;)

    WHAT?? You mean this is a for sure thing? I was just at his site yesterday looking for this. I am very, very committed to getting myself to this. Let me know if you know any other details.


    Yes, this is a scheduled retreat. I had been on one of Roberts retreats in the past and it was very good. He had several speakers there and each had their own contribution. You learn and have fun on his retreats as well. I would definately recommend going. Now that it’s out on this board I’m going to say it’s going to reach capacity quickly. It sounds like a great time but don’t know if I can attend this one, though I would love to.

    Pam;137743 wrote:
    WHAT?? You mean this is a for sure thing? Let me know if you know any other details.

    I know nothing. Just what’s on his website…2008. That’s all the info about it that I can see. No exact date posted though.

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