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    (((Peg))) So sorry to hear you’re disappointed. Like Paula said…Perhaps it was just a so-so day for him.
    I’ve had several opportunities to see John do mediumship (including a private reading). In spite of my personal beliefs, I’m a “Prove it!” kind of person and John has impressed me every time. Sure a few times I’ve seen it take some time to place a validation as it happens with most mediums. But if you see him when he’s really on fire, he’s every bit as good as John Edward. If you get a chance to see him again, I hope you do. :hearts:


    (((Peg))), I’m sorry your experience wasn’t quite what you had hoped for!

    I had the opportunity to see John Holland last weekend in Austin, and the readings he did were excellent. They ranged from the hilarious to the very poignant, barely a dry eye in the house. It was my first experience with John Holland, although I’ve seen John Edward several times. I wouldn’t want to compare the two, mainly because their styles are so very different.

    Several times, what seemed to be a miss, at first, turned out to be a hit, as people overcame their shock and amesia. ;) And then the validations were huge. But John was persistent with what he was getting, and when the sitters stopped blocking, the information flowed.

    I do hope that you’ll check out JH’s radio program and, perhaps, give him another try in the future!

    Jude :)

    p.s. I will be posting something about last weekend’s workshop soon, I promise! :hearts:

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